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16 more days...
the last week of my internship is this coming week. when that's done, i have one more week. i'm going to keep working up at the store, and get my stuff all packed up for school. i'm ready to go back. i was ready to go back the day holly left. speaking of holly, i found her screenname for aol the other day. i was searching for her online, and i found her screen name. i was thinking about talking to her sometime, like when i get back to school. i don't know what i'm going to say, but just to see how she reacts. and that way she knows my screen name, just in case she ever got the urge to talk to me, but didn't know how.

i've been checking in the newspaper, and holly's scored a few goals for her team, which is pretty good for a freshman. i bet she's fitting in wonderfully. i like holly.

i miss christine.

my dad isn't mad at me any more. i didn't say or do anything about it, and he just got over it.

fly is tearing it up on the soccer field. she might be able to get a scholarship at a division II school. my parents are completely into this thought. she wants to be a doctor. she's thinking about going to some really expensive private school, where they'll give her a small scholarship. it will still cost way more money than going to a public university, but my parents said they're willing to help her with that if it's what she wants to do. they'll end up giving her more than double what they're giving me. it's sort of unfair, but i guess that's what happens when you're a huge sports star...

oh well, off to work now.