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i went to stonewall, today. i made a sign on my computer, telling about the apartment, and then i drove there. i parked at the meter and left the sign in my car, so i didn't look too overzealous. then i went in the building, and when somebody asked if they could help me, i explained, 'i need a roommate, and somebody told me i might be able to hang a poster here.'
he said that would be fine, so i went back out to my car to get it. when i was heading back to the building, i looked up and noticed all the rainbow flags hanging on the building... and i was just amazed. a year ago, i would have been scared to be caught looking at this building, but a minute ago, i had casually strolled inside, without thinking twice. and why was i here? because i had taken the advice of a lesbian, the same lesbian who i was afraid to talk to, just a year ago. i remember when i was terrified of being gay... and now i can't imagine myself any other way. i remember when i honestly didn't know a single gay person... it's funny, how you get so wrapped up in the little changes that the big changes just sneak up on you like that.


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