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she did it again. i was THIS close to walking right off the job today. ann broke yet another fucking rule for some lady who bit my head off...

we don't take starter checks. period. end of story. we also don't take checks that are written for more than $30 over the amount of purchase. some lady wrote a check for $305, which was $40 over the amount of purchase, and it was a starter check. so i went out and told her that we don't take starter checks. she started arguing with me, telling me that they always take her checks, and that there's no problem with her starter checks. i wasn't rude, but i told her politely that i was sorry, and that we never take starter checks. for us to take it, it has to have a check number, and her information needs to be printed, not hand-written, on the check. she told me i didn't know what i was talking about and sighed, 'fine, i'll argue with the manager, then. you people never give me the right answer, and i always end up doing this anyway.'
so i called ann, and told her that this lady had a starter check for $305, which was over the amount of purchase, and wouldn't listen to me when i told her we didn't take starter checks. ann said she'd come explain it to her.

so i went back up to the service desk, where kelly and jane were standing. ann was talking to the lady... and talking to the lady... there was no way she would take that check... especially not without calling to verify funds, first... on anything $200 and up, we always call and verify funds. but she kept talking, and i started to get worried... i announced, 'i swear to god, if she takes that check, i'm walking out.'
jane, who knows ann as well as i do, started trying to calm me down already, before ann had even taken the check. she said not to walk out, and not to let it get to me... and then ann took the check. i stormed out of the office, and headed to the time clock. jane called desperately, 'no, debbie, if you leave now, you're quitting!'
i laughed and said, 'no kidding... i quit!'
and then i opened the door to the time clock and started to clock out, and then realized that there was no way i was going to leave here, after only yelling at jane about ann... it wasn't jane's fault. i wanted to go over to ann, scream, 'i quit!' and then slam a few doors in her face. she was the one who deserved to be on the receiving end of my anger, not jane. so i hesitated, looking around for ann. jane took that opportunity to guide me into the time closet and try to calm me down, mostly just repeating that i can't let it get to me, and that she knows it sucks, but that she's sure jane isn't trying to make me look like i don't know anything... jane's probably never even thought of it that way... finally, she just said that i should at least talk to ann about it before i go storming out. i agreed. more than anything, i just wanted to scream at ann, and punch her in the face, and wring her stupid neck...

i knew if i talked to ann right now, i was never going to be able to 'talk' without screaming and getting insanely angry. but i didn't really care, because i was angry! i went and found her and told her i needed to talk to her and started ranting... she looked alarmed, and pulled me into the back, where customers wouldn't have to watch me yell at her... i just ran through every example i could think of... the toothpaste lady, the lady who cashed a check for her husband without any id, the carpet cleaner man, this starter check lady... at first, she was making excuses, like how this lady was a regular customer, and the carpet cleaner guy had a bad experience in other departments, and blah blah blah... but i wouldn't let up. i told her that i cannot remember a time that i've called her and she's backed me up. every single time, she's broken the rules for the jerk that complained, and every single time, i'm the one who comes off looking like i don't know what i'm talking about.
she ran out of excuses, and just said, 'i'm the manager, and i can change rules when i see that it's necessary,' or some bullshit like that, and then walked off.
i screamed after her that it's great that she makes all her employees look like idiots in the process, but she didn't even react.

i am just fed up. greg (the other manager) will stand behind us. every manager we've had besides ann will stand behind us, at least most of the time. but every single time, ann goes against what we say (and we're only saying it because SHE made the rules) and makes us look stupid. i want to quit more than anything in the world...

but i am gay. kelly and jane and i talked today about all my dates with girls, like it's a normal thing. nobody there accuses me of 'asking for it,' and teases me for the way i walk... i don't have to worry about that. and where else can i go for 40 hours a week, where everybody is familiar and i can feel comfortable being myself?

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if you didn't seem to hate your job so much, i might think about it...

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you're a cutie (i know very unrelated) anyway as a call center rep I have to say that I hate my job. it SUCKS.... however I think the "everybody knows your name" and your are comfortable thing does fit. Its the only good thing about my job....

Hehehe..."everybody knows your name" made me think of cheers

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because i just read your profile and saw that u were a cable tech and since I am a cable rep here...well it seems only fair that I friend list you...good day :-)

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