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(no subject)
i've been working a lot up at the store. my shifts keep getting longer. i had a 10 hour shift on sunday. too many of their employees went away to school. they're hiring new ones now, but not fast enough. i don't mind all the work. i'm making money, and time flies when it's busy, which it was.

katie's birthday was yesterday. she was home, so i brought down her gift. it was just a shirt and some socks and a necklace. the story behind it is a little more complex. i hate buying presents. i hate picking out clothes for myself, and i certainly don't like doing it for other people. katie has different taste than me. she has tastes more like fly and d when it comes to clothes. i think the clothes they like are sort of ugly. usually, i just take d or fly shopping with me and it works out fine. unfortunately, though, i forgot that katie's birthday was coming up, and by the time i remembered, neither of them could go with me to the store. so i went by myself. d advised me to just pick out something i thought was ugly, and it would work fine. so i went to the store, and it didn't take long til i was frustrated. shopping makes me frustrated, when i have to get something. when i don't have to get something, it just makes me bored. either way, it's not so fun. so i was looking around for something that i liked, but didn't like. in order for katie to like it, i had to not like it, but you don't want to give somebody something that you don't like, so i wanted to like it. it took me a bit too long to realize that this was a hopeless goal, but when i did, i switched to looking for something that i didn't like. that didn't take long. i found a really ugly shirt at the express. i bought socks and a necklace to match, and then headed home. when i got home, i showed it to d, who had just gotten back from volleyball practice. she looked at it in disgust, and informed me that this time, it wasn't just me. this shirt really was ugly. so i went to the store again. this time, i bought 3 ugly shirts, and brought them all home. d was gone, but fly had just gotten home. she picked out one for me to give katie. now i had 3 extra shirts, but at least i had a present for katie. i wrapped it all up and went down to katie's. as she was opening it, i realized that i had forgotten to take off the price tags. and after she opened it, i remembered that the necklace and socks had only matched the first ugly shirt, and didn't even come close to matching this shirt. if katie thought there was anything weird about getting socks and a necklace that match each other, but not the shirt, she didn't say anything. she was especially impressed when she learned that i had gone shopping for it without fly or d. i didn't go into details. i hung out down there a little and talked to jamie and tara, and then came back home.

and that's about it. i have 13 more days til i can (maybe) work with christine again. i want to be there now...