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(no subject)
ok everybody, listen up.

i know why divorce rates have gone up so much in the past few decades. you ready? it's for the same reason that so many more people have stds now than had them a few decades ago... it's because pre-marital sex is so common these days.

not convinced? think about it. if a guy waits until he gets married, and then has sex with his wife, he thinks, 'damn, my wife makes me feel good. i love her!'
but, if he has sex with 3 or 4 different women, then gets married and has sex with his wife, he knows better. he thinks, 'damn, my wife makes me feel good. i love having sex with girls!'
and when he and his wife start getting into fights, and he remembers all the love they've made in the past, if he's got nothing to compare it to, it will make him want to work things out. but if he knows that most any random girl could do the same, he'll be less likely to put forth the effort.

so the moral of the story? well, if you're straight, and you want your marriage to have a better chance for success, you should save sex for marriage. if you're gay, and you can't get married anyway, then i guess you may as well just go ahead and be a skanky ho, that way you can learn about sex and come up with theories like this one...

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I found your LJ through hiphopmusic, but I completely agree with you.

just curious, because i've been thinking about this stuff a lot lately, and i'm pretty undecided on the issue.. do you think it's a good thing, or a bad thing?

You are completely, totally, absolutely, 100% correct. Sex is totally awesome in the married state, and gets better every day. And the marriage gets better as a side effect of the awesome sex.

And yes, we waited. I'd recommend it to any of my friends who can't seem to find a decent guy, but don't realize he's a loser until after they've slept with him.

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