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(no subject)
today was my dentist day. my parents suddenly realized that i hadn't had a yearly check-ups by a doctor, an optomotrist, or a dentist while i was at school, so i had to schedule them all for this week. no cavities today :-). my next stop was the mall. i figure that doing laundry next year will be a lot more difficult than it was this year, since there won't be washers and driers in the basement. instead, i'm going to have to go to a laundromat. so i'll just do laundry less. i planned on buying lots of socks and underwear. i get to the mall though, and every store in the place is closed. so i know y'all must've heard about the whole terrorist thing by now. it was on every radio station, and probably the tv too. i understand that this is not a good thing, and i can understand them closing and evacuating large buildings in big cities. i can even somewhat understand why they might close smaller shops in big cities. what i can't understand is why in the world they would close our little mall. ok, if i'm a terrorist making a list of places to crash planes, i'm going to list the pentagon in d.c, the world trade center in nyc, and a mall in a little town that nobody's heard of...? so now i have to go to the store again tomorrow to get my socks and underwear. i did make it to target today though, and i got fabolous' new cd. it's a good cd and i highly recommend it. and while i'm recommending cds, i also recommend the beautiful creatures' cd. i've had that one for about a week, and i enjoy every track on it.

ok, i work in an hour and 45 minutes, which means i better go start trying to put those contacts in now...