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ok, yesterday i went to work with my contacts in. i have no idea how to tell if the things are inside-out or not, but the one in my left eye hurt like crazy and didn't correct my vision. i figured it only hurt while i got used to it, and it would stop in a little bit, so i went to work anyway. it didn't stop hurting. i decided it was probably inside out, but i didn't have a half hour, which is how long it takes me to get one lens out and back in. it would have been fine. it was painful, but i can tolerate pain. the problem was that my eye wouldn't stop crying. it was only my left eye that was crying, but people don't notice that. they just notice tears in general, and assume something's wrong. since everybody was a little upset by the terrorist acts, they figured that must be my problem. all these customers come up to me and say things like 'hang in there, honey,' and 'i feel your pain.' unless they're dealing with a brand new pair of contacts, i highly doubt that they feel my pain. if they're feeling pain becuase of the attacks, chances are their pain is much greater than mine. i would feel like a bit of a jerk saying 'oh, i dont care about the attacks. i just have new contacts, that's all.' so i just stayed quiet and recieved their sympathy, and felt like a bit of a jerk anyway, especially when they ask 'did you know somebody who was there?' and i have to answer 'well, uhhh, no.' i felt so guilty recieving sympathy when i didn't deserve or want it that i started telling the truth after a while. then you can tell they all feel embarrassed for mentioning it, and i don't want to embarrass the customers either. finally, i asked jenny if i could just go get carts for a while, and when i had brought them all in, i volunteered to get the trash, and by the time i was done, we needed carts again. then i volunteered to wipe down the bathrooms, which is a job nobody wants, then carts again, and then it was time to go home. today i'm supposed to wear the things for 8 hours, and the only way to acheive that is to stay up until 5 a.m. or to wear them to work. so i'm wearing them to work again, hopefully right-side-out this time. ahhh, nothing beats the convenience of contacts...


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