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(no subject)
i woke up this morning to alana sitting on my bed and shaking me with one hand, while pushing the hair out of my face with her other hand. the hand in my hair felt a little too good, and i jumped out of bed like there was a fire. i am not a morning person. it usually takes me about a half hour to get out of the sluggish state that i wake up in, so alana just stared at me like i was crazy as i told her 'i'm up, aiight? i'm up!' it turned out she was waking me up to go to some fair somewhere on campus. i went with her and molly. it wasn't very exciting, but it was hot outside and drained a lot of my energy.

then i went to work. it was my first day back and i guess it was ok. jim was in the break room when i got there. he was absolutely friendly, just like always. he frustrates me becuase it's like he's got two personalities, and i never know which one i'm going to get, and if i get the upset one, i never know if it's my fault. but today it was fine. i got there really early becuase i'm not used to the bus schedule yet. it'll take me a few days til i start remembering when the busses run. people were happy to see me. jeff talked to me and michelle was glad i was there.
i met this new lady who works behind the service desk. actually, i didn't officially meet her, but i read her name tag. billie. from far away (without my contacts in), she sort of looks like christine. this causes me to get needlessly excited way too often. i think billie thinks i'm dumb. i would have to agree with her. i still can't talk.
michelle and nickolas, who both worked there when i left, asked me if i could come in tomorrow. nickolas was supposed to work, but he couldn't becuase his kids were doing something or something. i don't think that's really it. i don't even think he has kids. i don't know why he couldn't work, but he couldn't. usually, i'm not available tues and thurs becuase i have classes all day, but since classes haven't started yet, i told them i could.
then i just ran register forever. i worked 7 hours and got one break because it was busy. there were a lot of college kids in today... you could tell it was move-in week.
when i finally got to go home, i went up to the service desk to ask jane about clocking in, becuase i seemed to be out of the system. she asked if i was working tomorrow. i wanted to make sure she knew that i wouldn't usually work on tuesdays, so i said 'yeah i'm going to get on somebody else.' she raised an eyebrow at me and billie told her i was covering for nickolas. that wording seemed to work a lot better. jane said ann would be in tomorrow and we would handle it then. i don't want to work tomorrow. the only good thing about it is that christine will be there. i still don't want to go. i don't know what i want to do. i don't want to go to classes and i'm sick of hanging up posters in my room. (i'm also out of tape.) i'm sick of living in an apartment. i thought i felt like a loser last year, in the dorms, but it's 100 times worse here. it seems like alana and molly always have something to do, and when the two of them are gone, i feel like the only person in the world. at least in the dorm, i had a whole hallway to get rid of before i reached that point. i think i'm ready to go back home...

speaking of home, i emailed brandy yesterday, and she answered today. they are coming to visit not this weekend, but the one after that. jane made that schedule today so it's too late for me to get off work, and brandy asked if they could stay with me. her, sandy, and brooke are coming. sandy has relatives in columbus, so she'll probably stay with them, but brandy and brooke need a place to crash. brooke works at the store too. she's john's younger sister. people said john was gay. this is the only reason i am at all interested in brooke-becuase her brother might be gay. and the only reason i'm interested in brandy is becuase she is my link to holly. i emailed her back and told her i'm sure they can stay with me, but i might have to work one of the days, and i sit here and plan to call off one or the other day, just so i can let these people stay with me, when i don't directly care for either of them all that much. i don't not like them either. i'm just neutral and i wouldn't usually call off work for a social activity. i need a good excuse... i hate lying when i don't have to. i feel guilty already, and i haven't even done anything.

ok, i guess i should head off to bed. nickolas had a fairly early shift so i have to be up in 7 hours and i'm nowhere near being ready for bed. i still have to clean up 100 messes so alana and molly don't kill me tomorrow when they get back.