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(no subject)
i slept til 3, woke up, and went to work. jim wasn't there to tell me whether or not he was telling the truth about terrie being a lesbian and i still can't make myself just believe him. terrie wasn't there either, and neither was marie. it was a fairly uneventful day. the policeman there tonight was the same guy that's been there forever, who was fairly close with christine. i was outside on break and he came out, and in my endless quest for information, i asked 'did christine really go to jail?' of course, i knew the answer, but was hoping he would have something to add that i didn't already know. he said yeah, and he said it was surprising and he was shocked and he thinks it's weird how you can think you know somebody and then they do something like this, that you never would have thought they would ever do... he told me about this policeman friend of his, and how they arrested all these murderers together, and this guy was just a great cop. then he stole a diamond to support a gambling addiction that nobody had known about, and his whole life went down the tubes. it was an interesting story, but it didn't make me miss christine any less. he also told me (when i asked) that christine would most likely not go back to jail. he said first-time theft offenses just get put on a probationary period. i don't really know what that is. i asked 'but she won't be able to come back here?' he said he was sure they had written that as part of it... (part of what? is there some sort of contract? i don't know. he was talking cop-talk. i was partly lost.) anyway, no matter what else they say, everyone seems to agree that christine is never coming back, and that hurts. i asked jane today what line 5 was (since there's only 4 intercom lines) and she said 'outside.' that's it. i assume she meant an outside line, but i still don't know how it works or anything. it made me miss christine. (maybe that's becuase everything makes me miss christine; i don't know...) christine was so great when i asked her anything. she always made sure to tell me everything she knew about it, and when she was done, she would ask 'do you understand?' and she wouldn't be happy with her answer until i told her i was happy with her answer. god, i miss her watching out for me...

on a side note, i have a nasty cold. i was coughing and sneezing and sniffling and feeling mighty miserable all day. alyssa was there. she has got to be the most friendly person in the world. half the time she talks to me, i'm depressed or mad or sad or rude, but she's just as friendly as always.

i walked home. i think i'm going to get molly's opinion on the whole christine/terrie thing. she knew them both and she knew jim, and since she quit working there, she probably won't talk to any of them again, so jim will never know i told her. i just want to know if i should believe him, and i have no idea how to tell. she was alseep by the time i got home, so i think i'll go to class tomorrow morning, just so i can walk there with molly, and ask her about it. the fact that i'll actually end up in class by doing this can't hurt me either. i haven't opened a textbook or a notebook yet this quarter, short of the one that all my christine thoughts went in when i sort of went to classes on thursday. on a positive note, i am listening to dru hill right now. today is the first day since tuesday that i have listened to anything other than tool-schism, nin-hurt, and stabbing westward-save yourself. maybe tomorrow i'll open a textbook. maybe not. whatever.