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wrote this a while ago, but am posting it today...
tech n9ne
if i say, 'he has hands like a pianist,' what do you think his hands look like?
most likely, you picture him to have long, slender fingers.
do all pianists have long, slender fingers? do all people with long slender fingers play the piano? of course not! but have you ever heard anybody get all bent out of shape because someone tells them they have hands like a pianist? i sure haven't...

now, if i say, 'she looks like a lesbian,' what do you think she looks like?
well, first, you get angry, and you tell me how it's wrong to say that, and how there is no one way that a lesbian looks, and i shouldn't stereotype like that.
but if i can force you to get past that, and just give me a description, you probably realize that i'm talking about a girl with short hair, who probably has a few masculine tendencies - maybe she walks with a little swagger, or sits with her legs apart - and is dressed in men's clothing.
oh, but wait! am i allowed to say 'masculine tendencies,' or is that wrong, since what, exactly, is a masculine tendency? is it wrong of me to say 'men's clothing,' since who, exactly, defines what it is that a man can wear?

you know what, i'm sick of it. what makes it ok for me to say 'hands like a pianist' or 'built like a basketball player' but not 'haircut like a lesbian'?

the problem is not the fucking labels. it's not the fact that most people know what i mean when i say 'looks like a lesbian.' the problem is the people who assume that everybody who 'looks like a lesbian' is a lesbian, and that everybody who is a lesbian looks like one. the problem is the ignorant people who tell a girl with long hair that she can't be a lesbian, because she's too pretty.

but i'm a lesbian. i understand that lesbians come in all shapes and sizes, just like basketball players and pianists. so if i'm talking to my friends, all of whom realize that there is no one way that a lesbian looks, then why can't i take a shortcut? if i'm trying to describe a girl to them, why shouldn't i be able to sum it up neatly with a stereotype? why should i have to write a 3-page novel to describe this girl, just to avoid offending all the people who are convinced that labels are the spawn of the devil? don't we have bigger problems to worry about??

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my girlfriend "looks like a lesbian"
i do not. ... which has led people to say to me before , "ah youre not a real lesbian, you dont have a mullet or a buzzcut n you wear makeup"
i swear this is true . puh.
but i know what youre saying i do ::nods::

People are stupid if they really think they're defending individuality by shunning labels. Besides everyone uses labels in one way or another. More power to you label Rant!!!

This was one of the best entries I've read in awhile. (I saw you on Chrisville's journal.)

Labels themselves aren't derogatory...they do sum up someone (or something) quite accurately, like you said. Although if we come to stereotypes (which labels can border closely to), those can be used derogatorily against a group of people or a whole race (ex: "All blacks live in the ghetto and don't work). I don't like how gay men are labeled (and stereotyped) as feminine-acting wusses who care only about fashion and casual sex...that's a major stereotype which is constantly pervaded on the airwaves. Those are bad labels and stereotypes which aren't exactly true of every gay guy. But point is...you shouldn't have to describe forever and ever. Just use a label when it's necessary, as long as it doesn't condemn an entire group or race (as in the black person example)--that is my opinion. So point of point, then....your entry is right and I agree with it totally.

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