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ummm brandy and sandy and brooke are still coming up this weekend. i'm still supposed to work friday and saturday nights. i was going to call off one of those nights, but now i need to get full-time at big bear, if i want to have any chance of being full-time with insurance next quarter, when i'm not in school and won't be covered under my parents' insurance. this means getting 36 hours a week for 16 straight weeks, which i will just barely make, if i started last week, which i did. but if i call off one of those days, i won't make my 36 hours, and i will wind up being without insurance for a few weeks. this probably won't be a big deal, but it's sort of risky, and i think it's a dumb risk to take for a few people who just want to get drunk with me, especially when i'm not even planning on getting drunk. i'd be better off just leaving them directions to find chris and molly, so they can get drunk with them, and i can get my hours in. plus, i want to work friday and saturday becuase terrie is going to be there both nights, and i now have an obsession with watching terrie, to see if she acts like a lesbian... so i don't want to call off, but have no idea what those guys are going to do if i'm not around. hopefully they won't think i'm rude... right, so life sucks.

i went to class today. i guess that's good. then i went to work. jim didn't work today, but he was there, checking out when i clocked in. he came over to talk to me while i waited for my drawer. he told me that christine had come in to the store recently and had given ann $400. he also said that they had known she was taking it for a while, and they had plenty of chance to catch her earlier. the only reason they waited until they did to fire her was becuase they wanted to wait until she had taken $500, so they could prosecute her. i was so appalled. disgusted. worse than that. i don't even know any words to describe how awful i thought that was. so she stole their money, and i know they can't afford to keep her around if she's taking money. but my god, why can't they fire her when they find out? it's just awful of them to decide that firing her isn't good enough-they have to ruin her life too. i expressed my shock to jim, but i couldn't even come up with words to describe it. i asked him if he was serious, if that was really the only reason they waited, and he said yeah. i told him i thought that was evil. worse than evil, even. he agreed and said that management here is not very nice at all. amit came over with my drawer and was talking about it too. i was definitely the most bothered by it, but they both agreed that it wasn't a nice thing to do. michelle came over and told me to take over for nickolas on 5, but then added that if i wanted, i could wait a few minutes. i don't know why she decided i could wait, but i was glad, becuase it gave me a chance to keep grilling jim. he didn't really know much else. he knew that christine had for sure brought ann $400, but he didn't know when, or how ann reacted, or if or when she was going to court, or what was going to happen to her... after all those questions, i figured it was about time that i stopped asking questions and took over for nickolas. i wonder how jim knows all this. i guess if you stop and look at this from another angle, i really do have a lot to be grateful for here. even though it is just plain evil that they didn't fire christine right away, it was good for me. if i had come back and christine was gone, i would have been even more broken-hearted than i am now. at least now, i got to see her for a few days, and she told me she missed me, and i know she still liked me. if i had showed up and she was completely gone, i don't even know if i would have been able to handle it. and also, i should really be grateful for jim. if it weren't for jim, i wouldn't know anything. i don't know how he finds out any of this stuff, but he does a good job of it. nobody else there talks to me about real stuff (probably becuase they all think i'm 7...), so if it weren't for jim, i wouldn't know anything. he updates me on christine and her living arrangements... and he tells me that terrie is a lesbian... is she really? jim is part of the gang there. i watch him sometimes, when he walks across the front end, and it's almost funny how everybody talks to him. everybody knows jim and they're all so friendly to him. but out of all these people he can talk to, he likes me. i don't understand it, but i guess i'm grateful. so after that, jim left and work was uneventful. billie thinks i'm dumb. teena laughed at me a lot when i said dumb stuff. i say dumb stuff better than anyone i know. i miss christine. teena came out to take money out of my drawer. i asked her why and she made a joke about it. i asked no, really, why? she said 'just becuase you're so cool.' i knew why. christine had told me before that they have a computer back there that keeps track of how much checks and cash you have in your register, and when it reaches a certain amount, they have to come get it. if they don't, then a little bit later, you start getting that message on your terminal. i just wanted to test teena. i've been testing everybody lately. i want to find somebody who measures up to christine. i know i'll never find a replacement, but at least i could find somebody who would answer my questions... nobody does though. jane answers in as few words as possible, but has no interest in explaining. teena makes jokes. michelle tells me it doesn't matter. christine is the only christine, and she's gone. it's been a week since i found out. why does it feel like it's been years? i think this has been the longest week of my life. i still hurt.