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(no subject)
goodness, this is dumb.

ok, gays shouldn't be allowed to get married. if you grant them the right to get married, inevitably, somebody will mess it up. somebody will do something stupid or somebody will want a divorce, and the nation will cry, 'see, i told you so!'
so no, let's not let gays get married.

while we're at it, let's not let straights get married either. what's the point in legally combining all their rights and finances and all that good stuff, just you can legally un-combine it when they want a divorce? straight marriages are not sacred. just look at britney spears... anybody can get married, and anybody can get divorced. couples get angry, go to therapy, go crazy, kill each other... straight marriage is a mess. don't let gays in on it; they don't need any more drama. and we'd eliminate a lot of problems if we took marriage away from straights, too.

so yeah, that's my plan. eliminate marriage altogether. maybe we'll make a whole new set of rules. like if you've been living with somebody for 5 years, and you're both of legal age, then the state will grant you a certain set of legal and financial rights. after 10, you get some more. and after 15, then you've (probably) proven that this isn't just a whim, that your relationship as 'roommates' has longevity, and you get everything that people get out of marriages, if you so please. if you happen to be the same sex, so what? if you happen to be related, so what? the state shouldn't be worrying about who loves who, or who sleeps with who. those things are way too personal for the state to just make some all-encompassing rule to apply to every set of two people... they shouldn't worry about the emotional aspect of a relationship, only the legal and economic aspects.

(ok, so i'm not serious about the roommate thing. i'm not really sure that it would help matters any. but i really do think this entire thing is stupid, trying to create and preserve some legal definition of marriage, as though marriage is such a wonderful and perfect concept that we can't let the gays come in and ruin it... it's already ruined!)

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what an interesting idea...

But maybe you're right. Or maybe, us gays...we'd be able to keep ourselves together. Who knows. I say, if you really want to take the risk, you should at least have the option to

i don't really think that gays would do any better that straights, as far as fighting and everything goes... i do think, especially at first, that gays would be much more reluctant to get a divorce when things go wrong, becuase in addition to all the trouble heterosexuals have, they would also have to worry about straights saying, 'i told you so.' i don't think it's fair to put that much pressure on a gay marriage, when straights don't have to worry about it...

i guess i think that if straights can marry, gays should be allowed to do it too, because it's not fair to deny us that right, just because we happen to love the same sex... but honestly, i just think marriage is overrated.

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