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(no subject)
tech n9ne
i was so busy with my cis lab that i forgot to complain about last night... here goes!

i worked at bob evans last night.

first complaint: denise (the manager who was running things last night) sucks. actually, all of management suck. they're completely disorganized. denise never knows what's going on... like i asked her which side i was on, and she said, 'you're on non, in the windows.'
the windows is only considered a section when we're on a 5 (there are 5 servers on non-smoking). in other words, if you split non into 5 (mostly) equal sections, the windows are one of the sections. but there were only three of us on non!
i replied, 'i know that i'll be in the windows when there are 5 of us, but where am i now?'
'the windows,' she repeated.
'oh,' i said, 'so i'm on the windows and they get to split up the rest of non-smoking between the two of them?'
vicki, who was standing behind denise, started laughing. denise didn't even realize how little sense she was making... she said, 'well no, when more people come in, i mean.'
'yes. more people come in at 5. it's now 3. i just want to know where you want me for the next two hours, that's all.'
'you'll be in the windows,' she replied.
there comes a point when you just give up. i said, 'ok,' waited for her to walk away, and then asked vicki (who was still laughing, saying, so, i'll just take these 4 little tables here, and they can have 10 tables each, ok?) how she wanted to split up the 3. she said that actually, heather wanted to leave, so we would just pretend we were on a 3 if management asked, but actually run a 2 and heather could do her out. and we did.
doug decided that zak should come on the floor. he didn't want to, and we were dead. doug said, 'you're on a 4 now.'
i looked at vicki. vicki looked at me. doug walked away, and we told each other, 'so, just keep running the 2.'
it's almost amusing, the way we just ignore everything they say, and do fine. but it can get really frustrating, too.

second complaint: i came in at 3, and so did melanie. since she had more seniority than me, she was 1st out, and i was 2nd out. ashley came in later, so she was 4th out.

melanie is always amusing, and ashley and i have been work-bonding lately. like, we could never hang out outside of work. she has a kid and smokes pot and just has a completely different lifestyle than me... but at work, we stick together about things. when we had to split up 4th out, we were the only ones who did our fair share. when doug started questioning about who had done something (a different time), i stuck up for ashley. and i heard her stick up for me once or twice, too. so i like working with ashley...

but tonight, melanie wanted ashley to take her home. she didn't want to wait for ashley to get off, so she asked me if i would switch outs with ashley. normally, i would. 4th out is my favorite out, and i don't mind staying on the floor a little longer, and making a little more money... i told her i would think about it. i really didn't want to work on my cis lab, and i thought maybe i would just stay for ashley, and do them a favor. but after a few minutes, i decided that i owed it to myself to give the cis lab another shot. now that i had rashid's friend's lab to look at, it should (hopefully) be easier, and since i had done terribly on the homework, i needed to do well on the lab. i really just want to pull a C in this class so i can graduate with a degree and then do what i want, with my parents off my back... so i told melanie that i was sorry, but i had a lab due at midnight, and i needed to get home ASAP to work on it.

they both ignored me for the rest of the night. they gave me dirty looks and completely ignored me. at first, i felt bad, because i hate it when people are mad at me... but then when i stopped to think about it, i just felt angry! i don't owe them anything! i've done favors for melanie before (i've closed for her at least once), and she's never done anything for me. in fact, i've done favors for lots of people there, and the only one who's ever done anything for me is summar (who i miss like crazy--i don't work the same days as her any more). what right do they have to get mad at me? i came in first, i deserve to go home first, and i have a good reason to go home, too! sure, melanie has kids and works a lot and is tired, but i'm tired too! i work at least 40 hours a week, and i'm going to school full time, and this is my homework, in a class that i'm doing terribly in... all other things being equal, i would say that based on our reasons for wanting to go home, mine would be more valid than melanie's... and then when you add in that i'm scheduled to go home earlier, how can they get mad at me for doing it? they didn't even ask holly (3rd out) to switch with ashley. holly wouldn't, i guarantee, and they know it. they're not mad at her for it, either. just me, because i guess if i don't put everybody else's wants and needs ahead of mine, then i'm an asshole.

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The same shit like that happen to me at my former work site. I would always switch with people since i wanted the money...but as soon as i need to switch or i couldn't switch because of school, suddenly i was the bad guy. People are so different that it is hard to get along with everyone all the time, so just say fuck them and wait till they make it up to you before you start being your nice normal self. Do what you have to do for yourself before these people who i am guessing you dont really care about. But i could be wrong....

i don't really care about those people, which is why i know i should just forget them, and do stuff for myself... but i care too much what other people think, and i tend to let them bother me too much... not this time!

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