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and here she is, the proud owner of an old useless work schedule...
i took it. actually, i went to the store with alana's boyfriend (he's 21) becuase i thought i needed him to get me some cooking wine. i laughed at nickolas, went upstairs, took it off the wall, folded it a little, and put it in my pocket. then we went through terrie's line to buy the wine, and i didn't see her type a date in, so i went to look at the screen, and (joking around), she covered it all up with her hands, telling me i couldn't look at it. i asked though, and she said you didn't have to be 21 to buy it. so we left with cooking wine and an old schedule. it now hangs on my bedroom wall, between the sign that advertises "peaches: 50 cents/lb with card" and my silkk the shocker poster, directly underneath the large lego sign that one of my friends stole for me from k-mart, back in middle school. anybody who saw this room would probably wonder about me...

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lol your too funny... thats cool... Im glad you took it... but yea sounds like u have alot of stolen property in that room haha (j/k) ne way...! guess Ill go write in my journal even though I never have anything interesting to put in it... now your life.. thats interesting!

hehe yeah, stolen property is my specialty... next thing you know, i'll be stealing money and getting fired...

ha yea, Im guessing your online right now

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