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so i have this ee midterm tomorrow, and if it were up to me, i would have spent all day learning how to juggle anyway. but alana's in ee with me, and she decided that since i haven't been to that class in 2 weeks, i should study. and she decided to take it upon herself to teach me everything i need to know, saying it would be good review for her. see what a good friend she is? so she dragged me away from my room (and jenny's tennis balls) and made me go up and study with her.

then i played some intermural soccer with a girl from one of my classes and a bunch of girls i didn't know. we won, but it was mostly becuase the other team really stunk. we had no subs and they had 6. but they were whiffing all over the place, and we had 2 soccer stars and me on offense. it hardly mattered who was on defense, becuase the ball almost never got back there. this blonde girl who thought she was the best person on the team (which she maybe was, but i hate when people are full of themselves like that) scored 3 goals. the brown-haired girl on offense had 2 goals, but she had 4 assists. and i had a goal and an assist. it was fun, and it's good for me to move around every once in a while.

now alana's over at her boyfriend's, and she's supposed to come back around 930 so we can study a little more. if this had happened about 4 months ago, i would have been insanely jealous of him and furious at her for choosing him over me and studying for a test that she needs to do well on. but i don't care at all. in fact, i'm glad. i've created a playlist for my lack of mood today. i can't decide what i feel like hearing, so i've got everything from disturbed to clay davidson to all star united to destiny's child on it. a nice mix for today. and i've been playing with jenny's tennis balls some more. i told her this morning that i had used them, and she said i could have them; they're too flat for her to ever play tennis with. so i'm practicing. i don't work with christine again until thursday, and at this rate, i'll be a juggler by then. (not really, i'm just getting the hang of 2, and i can only make 5 consecutive catches with 3 balls before i mess something up.) practice makes perfect. ok so i'm going to go juggle some more, study some more, and then go to bed so i make sure i don't sleep through my midterm.


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