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food is good
i didn't mess dinner up. well actually i did. i was supposed to mix the wine with some stuff and then pour it over the chicken. instead, i poured it straight over the chicken. then when i realized my mistake, i had to drain the wine off of the chicken, which wasn't an easy task and i wound up dumping half the chicken in the sink with the wine, fishing it out, rinsing it off... but it turned out just fine. mmmmmmmmmm i just ate it again. when i ate it at 7 pm, that's was lunch. when i eat it at 2 am, that's dinner. molly, alana, and her boyfriend joined me for my lunch. i like food way too much. i ate too much. i think i should sleep it off. good plan, loser... go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight...

(tomorrow i find out if terrie's gone for good, or if she's just off for the weekend...)