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chitty chitty bang bang
i'm ballin outta control...

right, and besides that, i went to both my classes. i haven't skipped a class yet this week. if i go to class tomorrow, that will make this the first time in probably about a year that i've gone to a whole week of classes. i am going to be very proud of me, i think...

molly and i went to the store between classes. we spent $100 and i checked the new schedule. terrie is still on the schedule. she's not gone yet, and i'm glad. i work 38 hours next week (way too much), and they're training me on self-check. not office, but it'll do for now, i guess. jim was there. he ran away. it wasn't just me, either. molly told me he was definitely avoiding me. she took control of the cart and chased him, but every time we got near him, he went the other way. i smiled and waved and he looked away. i told him i work a lot next week (just trying to start a conversation), and he said 'oh,' and quickly went up the next aisle. i can't figure him out. all i can guess is that terrie or jane told him that i asked if he still liked me, and that somehow caused him to decide to ignore me... i wish he weren't so difficult...

and besides that, i have a three-page paper due tomorrow over 40 pages that i haven't read yet. i hate school.

but, like yankee grey says, all things considered, i'm doing just fine... terrie isn't gone yet, christine might be around, and i could somehow have a chance of going somewhere... i'm feeling optimistic for no good reason, but i'm not complaining.