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(no subject)
i went to work. we're dealing with sunday busses again, so i got there early and was reading my history book up in the break room when mike (stocker) and grant came up. mike was flipping through the newspaper and saw something about jamie o'neal. he asks 'who the hell is jamie o'neal?' grant says he doesn't know. so i tell them she's a country singer. they ask what she sings. i say 'there is no arizona' and 'when i think about angels' are the most famous ones so far, i think. grant says those aren't good names for songs. he says 'if you want to hear a good name, try 'click click boom.'' then he starts jumping around and singing saliva-'click click boom! i'm coming down on the stereo, hear me on the radio, click click boom!' and on the last boom, he punches the wall for emphasis. the problem is that it's only that thin wall stuff-what do you call it-drywall? anyway, his fist goes right through it, and all three of us freeze. grant moves first. he slowly takes his fist out of the wall, turns it around and stares at his knuckles. then he stares at the hole in the wall and comments 'well, shit.' mike and i start laughing. grant starts panicking. he says 'i gotta fix this!' and runs from the room. he comes back a few seconds later with a roll of masking tape. he takes strips of tape and puts them across the hole. it takes about 5 or 6 strips to cover the whole hole. so now you can't see the hole any more, but there's a big patch of masking tape on the wall. it's funny. i also feel a little special becuase there are only 3 people who know why there is a hole in the wall, and i'm one of them. then i read a little more history and clock in.

ok, terrie report: she wasn't very happy today. she was complaining to anthony as she got me my drawer about this customer. i guess the lady gets really upset if you even look at anybody besides her while you're waiting on her, and if you even think about saying anything to anybody else, she throws a fit. terrie's saying how she hates this lady and wants the lady to complain to the manager about her becuase this lady is ridiculous. then she gives me my drawer and tells me to take over for tisha on express. i was there for like 5 minutes when terrie calls 'loser, intercom line one.' i'm in the middle of a customer, but i pick it up and say 'hi.' she says 'hey, how's it going?' i laugh and am confused, but say fine. she says 'how's your customer doing?' i say 'uhhh... fine.' she says 'i bet she's not very happy that you're talking to me. is she getting upset?' i look at the customer, who doesn't look happy, but not really upset either... i say 'uhhh... i dunno.' she says 'oh, ok, just checking.' and that's it. i think she called me over the intercom just to antagonize this customer, which is funny and awful at the same time.
a little later when it's slow, i go up there and am reading the schedule, and a regular customer is up there too. terrie asks him 'can i help you?' he says 'smile.' she answers harshly, 'i don't much feel like smiling. but thanks.' she doesn't sound very thankful at all though. i am just amused. everything terrie does amuses me. with christine, if she was in a bad mood, i felt awful and i just wanted to stop the world and make her feel better. with terrie, i am a very interested observer, but i'm emotionally detatched.
and terrie still has a real nice ass. this is reassuring becuase i always worry that by not coming out of the closet now, i am missing all the hot girls. becuase i picture my mom and all her friends and i wouldn't ever date any of them. but if terrie is 30 and still hot, that means i have 10 years to come out of the closet and still be able to find a hot girl my age. my mind works in strange ways.
then she leaves. so i can't tell if christine said anything to her or not. she wasn't mean or nice to me. she wasn't acting gay or straight. this is hopeless.

marie made me say 'i'm a thug.' about a million times becuase she thinks it's 'the cutest thing EVER!' her and alyssa sing 'baby cuz i'm a thug' and ask if that's my theme song. i tell them no, thug mentality is. (it is because a few years ago, before trick daddy even released thugs are us, i told holly i was a thug, and she changed around the lyrics and sang 't-h-u-g, she be, that's thug mentality, she's thugging...' i wonder how holly's doing...) they ask 'what?' 'krayzie bone...?' i offer. they still don't know the song.

other than that, marie called me 'sweetie' a few times and i missed christine. jim wasn't there. christine didn't show up. a week ago today was the first time i saw her after she got fired. then for a week straight, she was here at least once every time i worked. and today she wasn't there. i know i have nothing to say to her, and if she came, i would just be upset at myself for not talking to her, but i want her to come anyway. i miss her.

when i was done, i walked home and lauren is gone again, molly and aaron were heading off to bed, and alana and her boyfriend were already asleep. i put bathgate-'fuck that' on repeat and wish things were different.