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(no subject)
i went to class today. friday, i have to give a presentation with molly and some other kids. i hate classes. i almost didn't wake up for class today, just becuase i didn't want to go. the reason i went was somehow christine, though i'm not quite sure how. i think i want to be on a streak, so i can say 'i haven't skipped a class since i talked to christine about staying in school.' she said nothing to me about going to classes now. she was too busy talking about why i should stay in school later. but nobody else knows that... i don't know. i'm strange.

i went to cook a frozen dinner in the oven in my break between classes and work. while it cooked, i went and got changed and ready for work. i was checking my email when i smelled smoke. i went out there and the dinner looked fine, so i figured it must be smoke from somewhere else... the smoke alarm went off five minutes later. my dinner still wasn't even done. i guess i had spilled some stuff on the bottom of the oven when i cooked the chicken a few nights ago, and that's what was burning. the oven was still hot, so i couldn't clean it. and my dinner was only halfway cooked. i attempted to finish it off in the microwave and it was still cold in spots when i ate it. i went to work smelling like burnt chicken stuff.

i was supposed to overlap terrie's shift by a half hour, but she went home 25 minutes early. in the 5 minutes i saw her, she pointed at some cigarettes for me (called kent-i didn't know there were cigarettes called kent...), she was hot, and she recieved a phone call from christine. teena told her she had a call and she asked who it was (not expecting an answer) and teena said christine. terrie said in confusion 'now what would she... oh, she probably wants to know what time the game is.' 'is' or 'ends.' i couldn't tell which. not that it really matters, since i don't know what any of that meant anyway.

then i was on self-check and jim came in. he said hello to jane and all the cashiers and gina and about everyone except for me. i don't get it... does he think if he ignores me long enough, i'm going to suddenly realize that i'm in love with him? or did he just decide that if i'm never going to like him as more than a friend, he doesn't want to have anything to do with me? or does he just hate me? i wish he would just tell me what he's doing this for. maybe i'll email him if he still hasn't talked to me in a few more days, just in case it was something i did... i hate when people are mad at me.

terrie came in wearing regular clothes. she's hot. she talked to teena and then jane came downstairs and asked where terrie was. i told her she left. she used the phone right by me and called her on her cell phone. i acted interested in what i was doing while i eavesdropped on their conversation. jane was writing the schedule tonight. she said that her and terrie are going to train marie on sunday. she said all the times too, but since i was counting money as i listened, i know i've mixed the times up with the money and i don't have a chance of getting it right. but terrie and jane are both working sunday with marie and jane said 'that should be plenty of time to train her.' i hope they're not training marie in the office. i'll be so jealous... if i could just have answered a few questions right, i could be getting trained in the office. if marie even gets trained for office on sunday... i'm going to scream.

christine didn't come in today. that's 2 days in a row that she hasn't been there. she doesn't work there any more. this shouldn't be surprising.

i memorized the schedule. wednesday i'm there til close with tasha and michelle but billie is there til 9. friday i close with teena and terrie, and amit is there til 9. saturday is terrie for 2 hours.

then i came home and cleaned out the oven, which took for fucking ever. the whole apartment still stinks like burnt food. you'd think i'd stop noticing it after a while, but it's still driving me crazy.

i'm hoping to make it to english class on time tomorrow. my english teacher looks like a dyke. i looked at our reading book, and soon we're going to be reading a story about discrimination against gays. i think that should be interesting. that's all.