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(no subject)
i went to class. this makes 8 days straight that i've been to all my classes. it's a fucking miracle. the whole class is discussion and we get points for participation. i sat silent for the entire class. i have nothing to say. i have no opinions. i don't care about anything we discuss.

i came home and watched BET. t.i. was on rap city today, and that was cool becuase i love 'i'm serious' and i'm going to get the album as soon as i can get to the store. i also saw that they're doing a thing on jay-z tonight, so i'll probably watch that too, and waste my entire day off, doing nothing productive.

then one more class, during which i ignored the teacher and replayed a conversation in my head. i'll talk to her... don't worry about it, loser. i wonder if she will talk to her. i wonder if she has talked to her. i wonder if she's ever coming back, or if that's the last conversation i'll ever have with her. i wonder what terrie will think if she does talk to her. terrie hasn't asked me why i don't like jim since may. i'm sure terrie will think it's strange that i'm asking about it now... i torture myself. it's worse than just listening to this guy ramble about whatever it is that we're doing in this class. i honestly don't know.

i come back and listen to red wanting blue. i like red wanting blue. someday, people who aren't from ohio will have heard of them, and i'll be able to say that i've liked them forever. i've seen them play. molly's coming back around 9 and she might go to big bear. if she goes, i'll go, becuase i am bored and it's better than doing homework. i have a 5-page paper due thursday and a 3-page paper due friday, plus me and molly still have to give a presentation friday over something i haven't read yet. i hate school.