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lego monkey
rashid came over saturday night, and we rented big fish and ordered pizza. by the time we were done discussing hot girls (is it scary that we thought the pregnant lady in that movie was damn sexy?) and looking at cricket articles on the internet (that part was all him), it was really late. so i took him home, and knowing that i would probably get called in to work very early the next morning, i showered and went straight to bed, completely forgetting about the pizza box (which still contained one piece of pizza) in the middle of the living room.

when patrick called and woke me up the next morning, i put off getting out of bed until the last possible minute. the dumpster is a little way away, and though i noticed the pizza box as i ran out the door, i didn't have time for it right then. i decided i'd take care of it when i got back from work.

i came home on my lunch break around 3. first thing was first--i ate, and cleaned up from that, and brushed my teeth, planning to take the pizza box out on my way back to work. when it was time to leave, i put on my shoes and walked over to the pizza box in the middle of the living room floor... and discovered that it was covered in ants! i HATE bugs! i screamed and ran away. i quickly realized that wasn't helping the situation any, so i put on a pair of bright yellow rubber gloves and tip-toed back over. i picked it up with my fingertips, and threw it out the front door. there were still ants all over the carpet... i actually found that i could trace the ants back to their origin, because there was a trail of them, leading across my living room. they were coming from the place where the wall meets the carpet, in the middle of the room (not by the outside at all--it's actually the wall that separates the living room from the spare bedroom), and cheerfully parading out to the middle of my living room. i didn't know what to do, and i had to be back at work, so i grabbed the vacuum and sucked them all up, even the ones over against the wall. there were still a few in the crack, but one or two ants are not nearly as freaky as an entire army of them, so i figured i'd deal with that, later. then i put on my bob evans apron (no time for two trips) and my yellow gloves, and raced across the parking lot to the dumpster, carrying the pizza box as far away from my body as possible. i got a few strange looks...

i went to bob evans, and i felt like there were ants all over me. i kept slapping myself and freaking out and twitching, so i explained the situation to my co-workers, so they wouldn't think i was completely insane.
kat said that the maintenance people should come and spray for me, so i wouldn't have to worry about it, if i told them i had ants. that made me feel a little bit better.
austin said, 'we vacuumed up termites in the basement once, and then when we went back down there a while later, there were way more of them, because they had survived and then bred inside the vacuum.'
this definitely did not make me feel any better...

by the time i got off work, i had completely forgotten about the ants. i went home, checked my e-mail, got a shower... when i was done showering, i suddenly remembered the ants and austin's vacuum story. i hadn't even finished getting dressed yet, but i was freaking out! i put on a pair of shoes, and ran out to the living room. i took the vacuum bag out, and threw it out onto the porch. then, i got scared that the ants had already crawled back out of the vacuum bag, and were crawling around in the carpet under the vacuuum. so i moved the vacuum, and stomped frantically on the carpet...

after a minute or two of this, i took a good look at myself...
i am in the middle of my living room, wearing nothing but underwear and a pair of shoes, doing a frantic rain dance for no apparent reason.
i laugh out loud. i continue to laugh, but i can't stop stomping on the carpet, because i don't want to miss any potential ants... so now, not only am i doing a frantic crazy rain dance, but i'm laughing hysterically while doing it.
good thing i don't have any roommates right now...

after that, i kept checking the crack by the wall, and there were always a few ants there. i never had the same number i had on sunday, when the pizza box was there to tempt them, but it didn't look like they were going away, either. i took kat's advice and let the office know, and the maintenance guy came and sprayed the next day. i haven't seen any ants since then.

the moral of the story: always take the time to take your pizza boxes to the dumpster, no matter how late it is, or how early you have to work the next morning.

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haha oh no...I always vaccuum up bugs every single time, so austin's story does not sound too great...but it's usually just one type of bug at a time so hopefully breeding is not too much of a danger...I'm glad you learned to take out your pizza boxes though :)

Agggh I HATE ants. Our townhouse has a horrible problem with them, but they have a guy come and spray every week now so it's not nearly as bad. But still, EW.

(and by that I meant...one single bug of each type at a time...you know what I mean though...no one to breed with. ok, yeah.)

Im so glad that has never happened to me. We have pizza boxes that sit on top of the trash can for days, Ive been lucky.

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