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(no subject)
so i went to class and spent a half hour writing a poem, gave a cheesy presentation, and then went to work. the report:

jim: jim was there for 7 hours of my 8 hour shift, ignoring me. marie and amit were also there, teasing me incessantly. this time, their game of choice was to suggest 'let's call jim over the intercom!' and then pick up the intercom, which invariably left me diving frantically to hang it up, which, in turn, would make them laugh. they had fun. i wasn't miserable. it wasn't really bad. it was sort of funny, actually. i don't think they would have really done it. they just liked to see me squirm. but then amit kept asking why i wouldn't try going on a date with jim, just once. i told him to just pretend that one of my half-hour breaks with him had been a date. he said it wasn't the same. i said it seemed like it would be to me... jim didn't turn into a different person in public, did he? amit said that wasn't what he meant, and kept repeating 'just try it one time. why not?' i told him jim didn't want to date me anymore anyway. he hadn't spoken to me in a week. i think he's mad at me. marie breaks in 'i bet he still likes you! here, i'll call him and ask him,' and picks up the phone, and i dive to hang it up, right as jim walks up front. marie says brightly, 'hi jim!!!! talk to loser!' i don't watch him for a reaction becuase i am too busy prying myself off the phone and trying not to turn bright red. on my first break, i walk by him on my way back, and i wave and he looks the other way. later, i'm back up front, and marie comes near me. instinctively, i dive for the phone. she laughs and tells me 'i already talked to him.' i don't believe her, but finally she convinces me that she really did. she just said 'loser thinks you're ignoring her or mad at her or something.' he answered 'she said that?' she said 'yeah.' and he said 'oh.' and that's the end. then, in the evening, some guy comes up to me and asks if we have any more sour cream (a certain kind) in the back. i look around for someone to answer him. there's nobody. at this point, i could pick up the intercom and call somebody, or i could try to find it myself. i hate speaking over the intercom. i don't mind it when other people call me and i can pick it up and talk to just them, but i hate hearing my voice over the whole store. and plus, i think jim is in dairy today, and i don't really want to call him... so i leave the registers and go back to the dairy cooler. on my way, i see jim all the way at the other end of the store, walking towards me. i've never been in the dairy cooler here. at kroger at home, i helped anthony back there enough that i could go back and check on stuff like this. when i open the door to the cooler here, though, i know it's hopeless. this cooler is twice as small and three times as messy. i'd be lucky to find the milk. i go back out and jim is almost to this end, wearing the saddest face ever... like, it's the kind of sad face that makes you want to either nominate him for an oscar or just give him a big hug and tell him to cheer up. of course, i do neither. instead, i walk up to him and say in a cheerful voice 'hey, do you know if there's any more sour cream (i describe it) in the back?' i sorta point towards the customer, who is waiting a few feet away. he just stares at me with that awful sad face, and then slowly turns to look at the customer, who takes him to the sour cream shelf to show him the shelf tag where it was supposed to be. the two of them stand there and discuss and i stand there and watch. i feel like i ought to thank jim or make sure he's got it from here or something, but he won't speak to me... and i have to get back up front... you're not supposed to just leave the registers unattended... so i turn and head up front without saying anything, and that's the last i see of jim tonight.

terrie: either i'm having a particularly horny day, or terrie has the nicest ass i've seen since... well, since saturday, when christine was here. so i don't know if she's talked to christine about what i asked or not. and i don't know if she's gay or straight or fucking sophie-b-hawkins-omnisexual, but she's pretty damn hot anyway.
i ask for quarters and she's counting money. she says 'sure.' then she looks up and says 'oh, i didn't know it was you.' and then doesn't give me the quarters. teena gets them. i think this was a joke of some sort. i can't tell.
i was at the little desk thing, standing in the middle behind it, and beep comes up to use the phone, so i move to one side and she stands on the other with the phone. then terrie comes up and squeezes between us to use the intercom. she's close to me and i notice that she smells good. i wonder if people smelling good has anything to do with the actual smell. like, if i didn't know what christine smelled like, and i closed my eyes and smelled that smell, would i still think it smells good, or do i just think it smells good since i know it goes with christine? maybe the extent to which i enjoy a smell is directly proportional to the hottness of the person that goes with the smell. so maybe by telling you that i think terrie smells good, all i'm really saying is that i think she's hot. anyway, she finishes using the intercom to call a guy whose lights are on, and walks away and i watch her hot ass... tight pants... damn...

marie: told me she loved me about five hundred and two times. seriously. and she called me a genius. and she called me smart. and she told me to leave before she killed me. and then she told me she loved me again. right....

music: i thought i'd touch on this becuase it amused me. i show up and they're playing country music. we never play country music, but today, there it is. dixie chicks, then blake shelton, followed by gary allan, followed by lonestar... and then after lonestar comes fleetwood mac (or stevie nicks, whichever, all i know is stevie nicks was singing), followed by mariah carey's loverboy with cameo. then we go back to garth brooks, then toby keith... and the country goes on. wtf? did anybody else think those two songs in the middle were slightly out of place?

the office: amit was running breaks and i was looking over his shoulder as he planned it out. he asks 'so do you think you're going to be able to run breaks when you work in the office?' i replied 'yeah! but am i still even going to be working in the office?' he said he thought i was going to. i said i thought so for a little, but i thought jane decided not to. he said he thought they were just going to train marie back there, and then once she got used to it, they were going to train me. he didn't know for sure though. so i'm not getting my hopes all up. just a little up... i hope he's right...

i work tomorrow (well, today becuase it is fucking late. early. however you look at it...) with jim for a little and terrie for a little... i think if i make no progress with jim tomorrow, i'm going to start thinking about emailing him to ask... well i don't know what i'll ask. but i'll think about it and come up with something. maybe it will be something stupid like 'oh. she doesn't think she knows?' and then i can spend another few weeks kicking myself in the head and wondering who knows what...

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damn.... jim sounds so friggen frusterating!

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