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(no subject)
i woke up early (1 p.m.-that's after only 7 hours of sleep) so i could get to work on time. on the way there, all i see is scarlet and grey. work is going to be boring today. people like football better than grocery shopping. i got there, and discovered that i was 2 hours early. i had read the wrong week's schedule. this means that i don't actually overlap jim's shift. it also means i feel really stupid becuase i come in wearing work clothes, say hello to everyone, and then leave. i talked to marie (who was actually working the shift that i thought i was working) and she said she was going to talk to jim. i don't really think she means it. we were both in the break room and we walk down and up front together, talking, and it was just a strange feeling. like, i'm getting to feel comfortable around her. i'm tired. i miss christine. maybe i'll do some homework.