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i was supposed to have today off to do homework. i was actually working, too, but then jp called and asked if i could come in. i can't say no. i've got no backbone. i said sure. even though i had a class to go to. even though i had homework to do. even though i had already told molly we would go to burger king for dinner tonight. so i went. and christine wasn't there. marie was. she frightens me sometimes, and tonight was one of those times. and i found this interesting note on the floor in the back of the break room that i'm convinced was written by christine, for the worst reason. one time when i saw her writing an address on a lady's check, she wrote it in all caps. and this note is written in all caps. so i automatically assume it's from her. it says something like 'you say you like me for my personality, but then you make all those physical comments. do you just like to play with my head?' this fascinates me, becuase it was right by marie's stuff. like it could have fallen out of her coat or something. so in my mind, christine wrote this note to marie. maybe when they were mad at each other. is this what they were mad at each other for? huh? umm ok am i really jumping to conclusions now? maybe i'll sleep on it and see if i'm still this convinced in the morning.