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(no subject)
today i went to all my classes. i'm up to like 82% attendance (i'm keeping stats on my wall). coming from barely 50% when i talked to christine, that's quite an improvement.

since it was my day off, i did homework, for almost 3 hours. that's probably a new record. so then i stopped and listened to whitney houston sing 'i will always love you' while i practiced juggling. i think i've gotten as good as i'm going to get, and i'm not good yet. i can juggle for a little, but i always lose control after a few cycles. usually i get about 20 throws and catches in before i mess up. but i'm not improving any more. i practice anyway. someday i will be like christine. i miss christine. i played cards with molly and aaron. i talked to katie, and i think i'm going out with a bunch of them thursday night. they think they're going to a haunted house. if i act 7 in my every-day life, i act 2 at haunted houses. they freak me out. when i was 10, i crawled through one on my hands and knees and everybody who i was with laughed at me so hard that they weren't even scared by the haunted house. but i need a life. i do nothing but work and school, so if katie's inviting me somewhere, i'll go. and she knows how i am about haunted houses anyway. i brought out the legos again, and from 11 til now, i've been building stuff. see, i told you i'm seven...

every other second, i check my email, like maybe jim will have answered. he hasn't. and he's probably in bed by now, so i should give up. i wonder if he's read it... i hate not knowing.

tomorrow is going to be exciting for me becuase i won't have to worry about jim or terrie being there, and we are short people. (this is loser being psycho...) they couldn't find enough people to come in, so there's only 3 cashiers starting at like 7 p.m. at 8 p.m. monday, we had 7 registers open. at 8 p.m. tomorrow, we will only have 3, and i will be one of them! i'm going to feel so useful! and it won't be boring!

i ought to email holly sometime. i want to. i just have to think of something to say.

i ought to put away my laundry. like, right now.

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your going to a haunted house?!?!?!!??! SWEET

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