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im here
hi. im here cuz i used to have this journal b4 i went away to college, but i show up here and ive got nosy roommates and nosy dormmates and nosy people everywhere. so my journal went home almost immediately, and here i am.
not much going on now. i just woke up. its super hot in here. im in bout the most expensive dorm on campus, cuz its supposed to have air conditioning, but i dont know when theyre gunna decide to turn the air conditioning on.
i gotta go to work soon. my local big bear, the grocery store. and now im sitting here in my big bear shirt and some basketball shorts and dreading the moment that i gotta put pants and socks and shoes on cuz i think ill burn up.
is this about impersonal? yeah, well give me a while, im not used to writing stuff online where random people can see it... on paper, my thoughts were my own.