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(no subject)

in general, you tend tend to:

assume that you're welcome nowhere, unless you're specifically told otherwise
assume that you're welcome everywhere, unless you're specifically told otherwise
other (explain in a comment, please)

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If it's with close friends, I just assume we're all going together. If it's acquaintances, I hang back a little more and wait for someone to ask me.

Depends on who it is with...
Like with my normal, everyday friends, I'll just assume I'm invited or invite myself if need be. With them I can walk into their house, go tot he fridge, grab a beer and slouch anywhere.
With HSP's (Higher status people) I'll hint that I want an invite, but ultimately wait for them to invite me. With HSP's, I see them as better than me somehow, as if our friendship is tenuous and I must be normal/funny/extroverted to make them like me to continue the friendhsip. With them, I'm less myself - they don't see the real me as much as others. They're the people I don't open up to - they know nothing about my past history and stuff...

i think my problem is that i see EVERYBODY as an HSP...

Well...that pretty much sucks. In that case, I'd say you have to work on self esteem to help with this. But it seems a pretty big thing and I know I can't just say 'work on this' and it'll magically be ok... maybe the osu thing will help.

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I just don't feel comfortable assuming...even if I'm wrong (and I am welcome) if I don't know this for a specific fact I personally will feel uncomfortable, so I generally just save myself the trouble and don't go unless it's somewhere where I specifically know I am welcome and/or will feel comfortable. But then again, I'm the social recluse of all social recluses, so...probably not the best person to poll about such matters :p

i think i might be the social recluse of all social recluses, too. even though i suppose technically, there can only be one... that's why i didn't trust my own feelings on the matter, at all...

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