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(no subject)
ask me what time i went to bed last night. here, i'll just tell you. 9 a.m. i don't know what i did for that whole time. i waste time so well... so now i need to sleep again tonight, really badly. i only slept 4 hours last night. except for tonight, i have a ton of homework too...

so today i got up and went to work, barely on time. marie was there, but we didn't hardly talk.
jim was there and he's just like normal, which makes me happy. yesterday, i had told him about the time that jane told christine that i might work in the office, and instead of saying something intelligent, i had said 'i'm loser.' today, he came up to me and told me he had good news for me-jane said they were still thinking about training me in the office. they just needed somebody to work self-check for a few weeks, so i was doing that for now. my first instinct was to not believe him. every time he says something that i want to be true, i don't believe him. he tells me terrie's a lesbian and christine's bi. i think that'd be great, so i don't believe him. he tells me i might get to work back there, and i'd love that, so i don't believe him. i dunno, but i guess i don't really think he's lying... i do think jane might never get around to training me, becuase they're not that desperate for people back there, and they really need people on self-check. still, that's a cool thing to think about.

christine came in. i was all the way at the other end, and she just ran in and out. she didn't stop to talk to anybody, and i only know she was there becuase i heard her voice tell jane that she had to go, and just had to pick up some water. i wanted to turn around and look at her. i didn't. i figured if she was in a hurry, she wasn't going to talk to me, and there's no point in looking at her, becuase i don't need to remind myself that i like the way she looks. that's something i'd rather forget. i was really proud of myself for not looking...

jeff and i joked around a lot. jeff only works 2 days a week now, so sundays are the only days i get to see him. i like jeff. i liked it when i worked with him like every night.

i came home and ate and watched tv and threw tennis balls at molly and aaron.

now, due tuesday: i have to have 200 pages read, becuase there will be a quiz. also, i have a midterm over a lot of math that i don't know. at all.
due thursday: a five-page paper that i haven't started thinking about yet.
due friday: a three-page paper over stuff i haven't even read yet (separate from the 200 pages i have to read for tuesday)

but i'm tired. i need to sleep. i work tomorrow. so tomorrow at midnight, i will learn all my math and read 200 pages. becuase right now, i just want to sleep.

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Hey in your comment to me u didn't sound insane to me! hehe mauybe cuz Im insane too lol... I dunno I need sleeeeeeeeep tiiiiiiiireeedddddddd Ciao babe!

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