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(no subject)
last night instead of going to bed, i decided i should start reading my 200 pages. this is definitely a better reason to stay awake than whatever reason i usually have. i read 50 pages, skipped 50 pages, skimmed 40 pages, saw something about lesbians, and read up until one of the lesbians got beat up and gang-raped (becuase she was a lesbian) and wound up dying from it(i think... that part wasn't so clear to me.) then i skimmed the last few pages and went to bed and had nightmares. it was one of the most disturbing books i've ever read in my life, and i don't think that would change if i had actually read more than half of it. i'm not looking forward to english class tomorrow.

then i went to bed and woke up way too soon for class. alana left me a message that billie had called to see if i could come in early. molly called her back and pretend to be me becuase i hate calling people. (we've fooled our parents before... we really do sound alike on the phone) i went in early and terrie was there. i worked with her for a glorious 7 and a half hours. she smells good and she is hot. i'll spare you the details of just how hot she is... she talked to me and joked with me quite a bit, and i didn't have much to say. i have trouble speaking to hot girls. especially 30-year old hot girls who i've spent the past year being afraid of.
jim came in to shop and he made sure to stop up and talk to me for a bit, just like old times. it is just like old times. we haven't discussed any of that mess since friday, the first time we talked after it happened. it's like he doesn't know at all, and i can't decide if that's good or bad, but i'm not going to worry about it right now.
alicia keys is hot. not related to anything, but she's singing butterflyz to me right now and i thought i'd share.
no christine. that's ok. i don't have much to say to her and maybe if i don't see her for a while, i'll think of something to say. i like christine.
marie came in with a girl who i thought was a boy. i think i'm jealous, but i can't tell.

i came home. i spent 2 hours and 8 minutes on one math problem. it's the most tedious thing ever... there is way too much algebra involved... way too much room to make stupid little algebraic errors... but i can't tell if i know how to set up the problem unless i get the right answer, and in 3 different times through the problem, i got 3 different answers, and all 3 were wrong. that was one problem. my midterm is going to cover a lot more than one problem. i think i'm going to try to work through some other less tedious problems even though i just want to sleep... sleep... i like sleep...