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quick pop quiz
lego monkey
ok. saturday night is metro night. we were supposed to go out with yvette, for happy hour, at 7. courtney had thought that she might go out with lily, instead, since sunday is her birthday, but it turned out that lily was with gino.

so i got off work, saturday afternoon, around 3. i was exhausted. i had only slept a few hours the night before, because i had been up all night, playing pool with kevin. i knew that if i wanted to go to metro, i should go home, get a shower, and get ready, because if i let myself sit down, i'd probably not get up in time. but i got home, and courtney was sound asleep on the couch. the real world was on tv. i sat down to watch it, and within a half hour, i was sound asleep.

i didn't wake up until 7:30, when yvette called. i was too sleepy to pick up my phone. i gradually woke up, and i realized that even if i got up, got showered, got ready, and went down there, i wouldn't make it there before 8:30 or 9. happy hour ends at 9, and yvette is usually gone by 10. there'd really be no point. and besides, i was tired. i didn't feel like getting up.

courtney woke up and called yvette. she told yvette that she was sorry, but she was really tired, and she was passed out on the couch, and 'you know me--once i'm asleep, i won't ever get up to shower, or get ready... besides, i'm sick.'
then she called alvaro, only she went into the other room to talk to him.

she came back to talk to me for a minute, and she really was sick. she had a sore throat and a cough. then she went and got a shower, and got dressed, and dried her hair, and all this. i'm slightly pissed off... she told yvette that she would never get up to get ready, but that was all just a big lie. she'd get up to get ready for alvaro... just not for yvette. i hate that... but i play it cool. i sort of talk to her, while she waits for him to arrive. we're both hungry, but we can't really find anything worth eating. i tell her that i might go to the store, later, and i ask if she wants me to get her any food or medicine, if i go. she tells me what kind of cough drops she wants.

alvaro arrives. i retreat to my room (they stay in the main room) and i discover that i have an instant message from my parents--my great aunt has died. i call my parents, and i spend the next 30 minutes to an hour on the phone with them, discussing the funeral and calling hours and christmas plans and stuff. (i hadn't talked to my parents since thanksgiving.) i get off the phone and i stay in my room, rolling my change. courtney and alvaro move from the main room to the bedroom, but they leave the bedroom door open. i continue to roll change and wrap bundles of ones, and then courtney comes and stands in my doorway. she says, 'i'm hungry.'
so am i. i hadn't eaten anything but a biscuit all day. so i tell her, 'me too.'
she says, 'well, if you're going to get any food...'
i laugh and ask, 'what do you want?'
we debate for a minute, because i don't care, and she wants to let me decide... while we're talking, alvaro is making impatient noises, because he wants courtney back there with him. courtney laughs and thinks it's cute. i think it's stupid, that he can't let her talk to somebody else for 3 minutes without throwing a fit.
courtney suggests, 'how about chipolte?'
it's 10:15. i know that not too long ago, she and lily had gone out for chipolte, fairly late at night, and they had been closed. it's also courtney's favorite restaurant, so i'm sure she knows their hours. i ask, 'are they still open?'
'no,' she says, 'they close at 10.'
then she says, 'oh wait. it's saturday. they're open until 11.'
i laugh and ask, 'oh, so are you saying that you want me to go now?'
'well, no, whenever... just let me know.'
she goes out to her car to get some money. when she comes back in, i agree, 'ok, i'll go now.'
she gets excited and writes down what she wants, and says to get apple juice, if they have some. i tell her i'm going to the store, too, so i can get her a whole thing, if she wants some. she agrees.

so i make a quick stop at kroger, first, so that her chipolte will still be hot. then i head over to chipolte, and i get there around 10:30. they're closed. i check their hours, and the sign on the door plainly says, 'open until 10, daily.' nothing about making an exception for saturday night... i wonder where courtney got that idea...

at this point, it's freezing, i'm hungry, and i'd be perfectly content to eat the cereal, milk, and honey roasted peanuts that i got at kroger. but courtney is sick, and it seemed as though she really wanted chipolte... i don't want to return empty handed, and disappoint her. so i call her up, to let her know that chipolte was closed, and to ask what she wants, instead. she doesn't answer. i wait a few minutes, and then try again. i decide that i'll get myself mcdonalds, so i drive there, and once i get there (5 minutes later), i try calling her again. still no answer. i wait for a bit, to let her call me back, because sometimes, when she's on the other line or something, she won't answer, but she'll call back as soon as she gets done...

an hour later, i've still not recieved a call from her. so...

1) why did she send me to chipolte?
2) why didn't she answer her phone, when she knew that i was only trying to get food for her?
3) should i be upset?

1) she sent me to chipolte because she wanted me out of the house so she could fuck her boyfriend, but didn't know how to say it. she knew that if she sent me to a closed restaurant, it would take me twice as long...
the last time i got upset over the whole alvaro thing, we had a long conversation, and i promised that i wouldn't freak out, and she promised that if she ever wanted me out of the house, she would just ask. seems to me that tonight, she broke that promise.

2) she was busy fucking him, and didn't really care about the food. it was only an excuse, to get me to leave.

3) yes! damnit, i'm trying to do her a favor. i called her not to annoy her, and not to ask her to do anything for me, but to find out how i could make her happy! and she couldn't even be bothered to answer her phone... i hate being lied to, and i hate feeling tricked, and it seems like that was all just a plan to trick me.

i was so pissed off at her that i couldn't go home. i called marie, and spent the night over there. over an hour after i called her from chipolte, courtney finally returned my call. i couldn't stop cussing, and i knew that if i picked it up, i'd probably say something overly angry, that i'd regret, so i didn't answer. i didn't answer her next two calls, either, but then i realized that she could accuse me of being dramatic, and trying to make her worry, so i carefully planned out what i was going to say ('i don't want you to accuse me of being dramatic, so i'm calling to let you know that i'm alive, but i'm pissed off and don't feel like talking to you right now. i'm not coming home tonight. i'll deal with you tomorrow. bye.'), and then called her. i gave her the chance to say something first, and do you know what she said???!?! 'hey, don't worry about getting any food for me--i'm just going to go to bed.'
as if it hadn't been an hour and a half since i had left to get food for her! as if i was still just driving around, looking for some 24-hour chipolte! i was too pissed off to even say my planned speech. for the longest time, i tried to come up with something to say, and i managed a sarcastic, 'no kidding.'
'ok,' she said, and i cut her off and said, 'ok, bye,' and then hung up.

oh my god, i'm so pissed off! am i crazy? am i paranoid???

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hm. well it is possible that she really did want food, and didn't maliciously send you out just to get you out of the house, but then once you were out of the house began to enjoy her time alone (not answering the phone) and lost track of how much time it had been when she told you not to worry about the food?

yes. i suppose that is entirely possible... but i guess i am fucking insane, and that's way too logical for me... thanks...

Sounds like yes, she did want you out of the house so she could be alone with her b/f...but i dont think she sent you to a closed restaurant on purpose. She was proably busy (kissing, sex, whatever) with the b/f (I keep thinking of him as Alonzo now that you've said that) that she didn't want to/didnt hear her fone.

"('i don't want you to accuse me of being dramatic, so i'm calling to let you know that i'm alive, but i'm pissed off and don't feel like talking to you right now. i'm not coming home tonight. i'll deal with you tomorrow. bye.')," - see, I'd class this as being dramatic... like... you've already assumed she sent you there on purpose and she's not answering the fone on purpose and are accusing her of sending you on a wild goose chase and want to make her feel bad. But everyone has different interpretations of dramatic...

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