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(no subject)
last night, of course, i didn't go to bed when i meant to. i didn't get anything productive done either. i played on the internet and baked cookies becuase i like cookies. then i went to bed really late, again.

i woke up and went to class. i sat in class and instead of taking notes or writing about work, i worked on my math homework. i almost finished it.

then i went to work. the biggest deal came as i approached the store by way of my corner, since that's how i always come at it now... my fence was gone. sometime between monday night and today, they had dug up the fence and the low wall. there was no more corner, no more fence... just the curb... i can't help but wonder if i should take that as some sort of sign. christine tells me 'you can't spend the rest of your life clinging to that fence for comfort,' and less than two weeks later, my fence is gone. i can't even sit by it for breaks any more. it was just a fence... a little bit of metal... i practically feel like somebody died.

jane told me what jim had already told me-that i was going to get moved back into the office sometime, and they had just decided to move marie first.

on my breaks, i worked on my 1-page paper. i finished it.

alyssa was there. i asked her what she had heard about me and jim. at first she wouldn't answer, and then she joked about it, saying she had just made stuff up, but eventually, i got it out of her. she said 'it was nothing really. i just heard that you went on a break with him, and then when you came back, you were all pissed off about something.' i told her i remembered that break, but i wasn't mad. i also told her how jim had gotten written up, and she said it wasn't her fault... she hadn't started that rumor. i am guessing that what alyssa had heard was marie's interpretation of the situation.

me and alyssa were over by the door, and the cold air was coming in. out of the blue, she turns to me and says 'it's cold. i don't know about you, but my nipples are getting hard.' i wasn't expecting that. i hit myself in the forehead and she cracks up and i finally offer a response: 'uhhh, i dunno, but my hands are cold, if that counts for anything...'

they were short people again, so terrie came in towards the end of my shift. she only worked like 3 hours total, but they needed her, i guess. she was joking with me a lot again. she is hot. yeah, hot. i was bent down picking up stuff and she went to put back one of those shopping baskets, but instead of setting it in the stack, she slid it across the floor hard, so it landed right next to me. by the time i turned to look, she was gone, and when she poked her head back around the corner, i was still looking there accusingly. she joked 'oh, my bad. i meant to put that away. i must have gotten confused.' i laugh and say ok. i still say nothing intelligent to her all night. i go to get change and she takes my money and pretends to pocket it, and my 7-year old protests 'no! no!' she laughs and mimics me and i feel even more 7. when i leave for the night, she tells me 'see ya when i see ya,' and i hesitate while i replay that statement so it makes sense, and then i tell her bye.

still no christine today. i haven't seen her since friday (although i heard her on sunday...). i don't know if that's good or bad. i mean, it's bad, sort of. i miss her. jim is leaving. she better not completely dissapear. but since i don't want to be obsessed with her, it's probably better if she doesn't come here too often. that way, i can get plenty obsessed with terrie or marie or anybody other than christine. once a week would work for me. hopefully, i can see her again on friday. i like christine.

i went home. the internet was down for two hours. i ate dinner and wrote 4 pages of my 5 page paper. then the internet came back up, and i stopped making progress. i'm going to go back to progress now. i think i'm going to finish my math homework tomorrow, in my break between classes. that way, i can just finish this dumb paper and then get some sleep... I NEED SLEEP!