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(no subject)
i miss christine... i got up and went to work. tomorrow is laundry day and i was out of pants. the pants i usually wear are girls pants but they're way too big, so they don't look like they're painted on, like some girls' pants do. my regular pants are big, comfortable and worn-in. the pants i wore today were very stiff and quite a bit tighter. that's why i never wear them. the point of this ramble is that jim liked my pants. and the point of that is really not much, but i talked to jim a bit today and it's nice. i like jim. i don't want jim to leave. christine didn't come in today. if jim wasn't here... i dunno. i miss christine. but we've already established that. so, moving on...

marie came up behind me and tapped me on the back while i was getting a drink. i jumped a mile. i am jumpy. she laughed and apologized and asked if i was mad at her and i told her no. then, before she left for the day, she told me that her friends were going to come visit me tonight. last night, these 3 guys (who were her friends) came in and this one decided that i was interesting or something... he kept talking to me and joking with me about my name tag, since i had put the letters on crooked. so today before she left she told me that they were going to come back tonight to visit me becuase they liked me and my name tag. i said whatever. they didn't come, but i thought i'd mention it in case anything ever comes out of it.

terrie was there for a little. she let me go get carts, but i don't think she thought it was an honor.

this big scary guy came in today. i met him on the bus a few weeks ago and he kept talking to me and he was scary then. today, he remembered me from then. that made him even more scary. he tells me he's a smart aleck becuase he is the runt of the litter in a family of giants. the guy's like 6 foot something. when he left, he said 'hopefully, i'll see you around.' all i could do was hope he was wrong.

i came home and me and molly and aaron colored easter eggs. it's not easter, but after last easter, the kits were on sale for really cheap, so we bought some and decided to color them tonight. then i was thinking about how well that dye works. like, not much will stick to eggs, but that stuff does. it also stains clothes really well. i wondered what it would do to skin... so when we were done with the eggs, i stuck one hand in the blue dye and one hand in the orange dye. i left them in there a while and when they came out, it was amazing. i felt like an animal or something. i washed my hands and it didn't come off. then i showered, and the orange sort of came off (or at least faded to a semi-natural shade of pink), but i still have a blue-tinted left hand. so, if you've ever wondered how well egg dye sticks to hands, the answer is: it sticks pretty darn well.

now i'm going to bed becuase we're doing our laundry early tomorrow.