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lego monkey
ok, the friends list cut has been made. basically, everybody who was on my list and voted in the poll stayed, and everybody who didn't vote was cut. (this leaves only superjan42--if you want to be added, i'll gladly add you back, but if you've enjoyed the freedom from the extra-long entries, i'll leave you off--up to you.) if you didn't vote and meant to, go ahead and vote (i'd link to the poll, but i'm tired, and if you're not motivated enough to go find it yourself, you don't really want to be on my list that badly, after all), but make sure you comment, too, because i probably won't come back to check that entry unless i see that it's received more comments.

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(Deleted comment)
ok, you're back :-)
sorry, i always read your journal... i just wasn't sure if you didn't vote because you didn't want to stay...

please add me back. please? please? i promise i'll read them all!

lol, you don't even have to read them ALL... you did as well (in that poll) as some of the people did who were actually on my friends list for the past year!

WOW. I have so much to catch up on! i guess it'll make for good thesis breaks... :)

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