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(no subject)
i woke up and did laundry with molly. then we went to class. then i went to work. my blue-tinted hand was a huge hit... everybody thought i was frostbitten or something. they were worried and i had to keep explaining-'no, i'm fine, i'm just a stupid idiot and i stuck my hand in egg dye,' which sounds doubly dumb... not only did i stick my hand in easter egg dye, but i also did it in the middle of november...
terrie was there. terrie is hot. terrie smells good. she talked to me and joked with me and about all i said to everything she said was 'ok.' like she says 'my god, i can't stand these customers today.' 'ok.' or 'i feel like i've been crawling around on the floor for the past hour.' 'ok.' it's my 7-year old vocabulary. molly got her job back. she came in towards the end of my shift and i was talking to kiera and molly came over and was talking too. i complained about some customer to them-'she wouldn't let me touch her ice cream!' and while i was talking, terrie came over to steal a pen from me. she had no idea what i was talking about, but she commented 'i wouldn't let you touch my ice cream either,' which made me laugh and also made me strangely proud, becuase terrie finally heard me say a complete sentance. then when it was time for her to leave, she left without her stuff, then remembered it and came back, but still went to leave without half of it (becuase she had put it on the floor next to the desk). so i called after her 'what about the floor stuff?' and she came back and said 'oh, shit, i'm sleeping... thanks. i need somebody to look out for me.' this made me feel strange becuase i don't 'look out' for people... i'm 7. did i just do something mature? then before she left, she said 'thank you' to me again, and, in typical loser-fashion, i replied, 'ok.' i'm stupid...
this newer old guy from deli or meat or somewhere seems really friendly. his name is chuck and he's always talking to me. today he offered to cut my hair becuase there was a stray piece that kept getting in my eye. i jumped at the chance and asked if he had scissors, but he said he was just joking. i said i'd cut it myself, if he had some scissors, but he didn't.
i talked to helen a lot, and when kiera came in, i talked to her a lot too. she's nice. she's older, and she's new. she's part of the night crew, sort of, but she starts an hour earlier and i'm not quite sure why.

then i came home and ate and did nothing until 2. at 2, i started my homework. 6 pages plus some math, and i'm finally done. i got a bit of evidence that terrie's quitting sooner, and i have a lot to say about that, but not right now. christine didn't show up, and i have some thoughts on that too (of course), but later. right now i need to go to bed. awww... shit. i have almost 4 weeks worth of clean laundry piled on my bed, to be folded and put away...
problem solved. i now have almost 4 weeks worth of clean laundry piled on the floor, and a place to sleep. i'm out. night.