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(no subject)
i accidentally turned my alarm off instead of hitting sleep this morning, and when i woke up, my first class was starting. i went, but i missed the first half, which breaks my streak at just under 6 weeks. still, my percentage is way better this quarter than it was last year.

i went to work to get my paycheck. jim was in the break room when i was checking my schedule and i had to talk to rhonda and so did he. so the three of us were talking, and he was saying how he was leaving soon, and i said 'awww...' he said 'nobody even wants me to stay,' which was just begging me to say 'i want you to stay.' so i said it. he was happy. rhonda joked 'don't get too excited... you know loser... she's not all there...' then he followed me around and 'helped' me do my grocery shopping. we just joked about different stuff and it was fun and i like jim and when i stop to think that he knows i'm a lesbian and he's still this nice to me, i glow. jim is wonderful :-). oh, and he also said that he'd come back to visit and tell me how much better his new job was, so i could be jealous. but that means he won't leave for good... he'll still see me sometimes... that's good... i'd miss him if i had to just stop seeing him... sorta like i'm missing christine. I MISS CHRISTINE! terrie was supposed to be there, but she wasn't, or not that i saw. i went to get my paycheck and mark, monique, and this new kid were all waiting for theirs too. billie was getting them, and got those 3 first, and they said nothing. when she got mine, i thanked her and she smiled. i don't think people thank people for much anymore.

molly and me hung out a while tonight. we went out cruising in her car. i drove some becuase i haven't driven since i came back to school. it was a stick shift and it was a little different from the one i've got at home, so i had a few real jerky starts that made us laugh, but i got used to it fast.

i spent about 4 hours messing around with my music and music videos. i have a 40 gig hard drive dedicated to music and i have less than a gig free. so i went through and watched a million videos to decide which to delete... and i moved some stuff over to my other hard drive and spent way too much time playing. it's ok; i didn't have anything better to be doing. but now, i should probably sleep.