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(no subject)
ok this had better be quick.

i got up and went to work. terrie was coordinator and she left the break sheet next to me, so i was reading it. we had 2 new cashiers today-liz and karen. from where i was, i could see their backs perfectly. after a while, i figured out which one was liz. i knew her. she went to my high school. we live 3 hours away from here, i didn't even know she had come to school here, and here she is working with me. i was amazed. i told everybody that i went to high school with her. she was a year yonger than me, and i was actually pretty good friends with her in 6th or 7th grade. i think she ran track with me a few years and i knew her from all sorts of places, but what i remember about her is that she was the one who always hit my leg in psych. my senior year, i took psych and she was next to me (alphabetical order). i fidget. becuase of various sports, i often wore those nylon pants that make that nice swishing sound when you walk. they also make that swishing sound when you jiggle your leg up and down, which i do a lot. i don't notice. it's a habit. if somebody asks me to listen, of course i hear the noise it's making, but until somebody else points it out, i don't even notice the noise. i'm just used to it. anyway, since she was next to me, she was always stuck reminding me to hold still. it became a joke after a while. people would count how many times liz hit my leg per class, and congratulate me when the total was low and ask how much sugar i had eaten when the total was high. anyway, she works with me now and i'm amazed, so i tell everyone. i tell terrie, and she's not impressed until i tell her high school was 3 hours away. then she says wow and asks 'so was she cool or was she a bitch?' i have an answer for this, but it's long, drawn-out, and not nice, so i just say 'i dunno.' she tells me 'yes you do. you're just too nice to say it.'

later, terrie's over, so i ask 'so is karen that lady on 6?' terrie laughs and asks 'lady?' i say 'is that not the right word?' and she laughs and says she supposes it's ok because a lady is just 'anybody with bumps on the front.' i start laughing and michelle comes over and terrie nudges her and asks 'right?' michelle says sure and terrie adds that i better never call her a lady, which makes me laugh some more. jim comes up while me and terrie are laughing and michele's smiling but slightly confused. he says 'hey, stop having fun,' to us, and i feel special. i was a part of a group that included terrie and we were having fun.

i make myself some carefully constructed taped up rolls of register tape becuase i'm bored. i make 3, perfectly equal, so i can try to juggle them. i try, but they're not really round, and i like the tennis balls a lot better. i'm attempting, and little ben comes up and wants to play too. he can juggle 2, one handed, which i can't really do at all. i'm much better at 3, but he can't do that at all. the two of us are throwing this paper around while jim talks on the phone next to us, and terrie walks by and a customer says 'hey!' to me becuase i wasn't paying any attention to him. oops. terrie yells at us-'put those away! both of you!' i put them down on the counter and little ben scampers off. i help the customer and jim gets off the phone and is teasing me. he says 'you're such a bad worker... they should fire you... you got yelled at TWICE! once by a customer, and then by terrie.' terrie's walking by and hears her name and asks why we're talking about her. jim says he was just saying what a bad worker i am. terrie asks 'why, cause i yelled at her?' and then she turns to me and says 'i'm sorry for yelling at you. did i hurt your feelings? i didn't mean to. it just looks bad when a customer has to yell at you becuase you're busy throwing trash-woop, woop, woop.' (that's the sound effects of me throwing the trash, and it makes me laugh.) she adds 'i thought you knew better than that.' i feel guilty. but at least she doesn't hate me. terrie's funny. she makes me laugh.

jim came up to me and asked if i could do a price check for him, so i did, and he asked if you save money with a card, and how much, and all this, and then all of a sudden he says 'ok, never mind,' and goes to leave. i just go 'wait, what?' he comes over to me and says 'i didn't really want to see how much this costed. i just wanted to get a close-up view of that hot girl, to see if she was really as hot as she looked from far away.' i didn't even see her. i ask what girl, but she's gone by now. i shake my head and tell him 'i don't believe you.'

alyssa asked if i had aids. that question was even more shocking than 'do you smoke weed?' i just stared at her blankly, and her, malik, rashid, jeff, and liz were all watching me. i finally answer 'uhhh... no.... am i supposed to?' and they laugh. later, mark comes up behind me and pokes a finger into each of my sides. i jump a mile, and then he apologizes for scaring me. then he adds 'they told me about... you know... that's so sad.' i ask 'aids?' and he says yeah. i'm so confused. finally, jeff explains it to me. rashid told malik and jeff that i got a's, and since he has an accent, jeff didn't understand and asked 'huh? eights?' malik added 'you gunna start some rumors, boy. it sounds like you said loser got aids.' that was when alyssa walked by, and heard only that i had aids, and asked the question, and now they all think it's funny to tell the world that i have aids. oh well. what can you do? i just laugh.

terrie talks to me. a real conversation. there's a dog barking outside and she asks if i have any pets and i say yeah and describe him and she tells me about her pets (which i already knew about by eavesdropping on others, but now i heard it from the source...). it's about a one-minute conversation, but i'm talking about a normal thing and almost not feeling 7, so i'm amazed for the rest of the day.

i call marie ma'am by accident. she tells me not to call her that becuase she's not old. i apologize.

before terrie leaves, she's standing by me. she grabs my arm and shakes it vigorously and exclaims 'i get to go home!' she's touching me. i remain calm, look up at the clock and say 'me too, eventually.' she laughs and says yeah, but she gets to leave now. then she leaves but i don't stop feeling her hand on my arm for a good half hour.

still no christine. i don't want to mentally kill her again becuase i don't want her to be gone, and i don't want to have to bring her back from the dead. but if this keeps up much longer, i know i'm going to start killing her again...

rashid and i talk a bit. he's nice, when i can understand him, which is sometimes hard. i try though, becuase i hate when people don't take the time to figure out what i'm talking about when i don't get my words right.

i come home and marvel at a drunk molly. her and aaron go to bed, and then i have to help a few of lauren's friend pick the lock to the bathroom becuase a drunk lauren managed to lock herself in there, and she couldn't get out. then lauren won't let her friends go home by themselves becuase they're pretty drunk too, but if she walks them home, she'll be walking back here by herself, which would be a million times worse. so somehow i get recruited into walking with them and lauren, and i wind up practically carrying lauren home. ok, that's an exaggeration. i couldn't carry her if my life depended on it. but i support her quite a bit. drunk people can be funny. they're ok. drunk puking slobbery people are not. they disgust me.

then i started my homework that's due by email tomorrow night, but i'm going to be at work.

my mom's going to be in town. she's picking me up to take me out to breakfast in less than 5 hours. after that, i'm off to work. i'm going to sleep for a short time now. night.