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(no subject)
i slept 3 hours and got up in time to go out to breakfast with my mom. she talks a lot. i guess i don't care so much, but in a way, i do. when i was going to quit school, i talked to my dad on the phone quite a bit, becuase he was panicking. but my mom went through my dad. i didn't talk to her. since the last time i've talked to my mom, i've decided to quit school, decided to stay in school, dropped a class, lived on my own for the first time, met a lesbian and a bisexual, come out of the closet, and discovered the two greatest people in the world. so most of that i wouldn't share with her anyway, but she doesn't even ask. she doesn't even stop talking for long enough for me to volunteer any information about me. i hear about her, and her co-workers, and her boss. i hear about my dad and my sisters and jake and the cat and my grandparents. i hear about the new housing development going up in our little town, and i hear about my sister's ex-boyfriend's mom's ex-husband and his plans to re-marry. when she leaves becuase i have to go to work, she says 'bye honey. it was nice talking to you,' and when she's gone, i laugh. becuase that was true. not talking with me. talking to me. i guess i don't care. i guess i don't have much to say about myself, except for more half-truths, and i'm sick of half-truths anyway.

i go to work. marie calls me sweetie. i loan her 15 cents and she pays me back and thanks me.

billie laughs at me when i try to say formula. she feels bad and tries to show me the right way to say it. i get it going slow but the second i try to say it at a regular pace, it comes out wrong again. i can't speak.

alyssa wandered around being alyssa. i think her and marie are fuck-buddies. seriously. i think they're both bi and they're a lot alike, how they flirt with anything that moves. i bet they get on each other occasionally, when they can't find any better options. i decide this becuase alyssa owes marie 2 dollars and she brings it to her and sticks it into her back pocket. not just the top, but all the way in. perhaps this isn't enough evidence to jump to such conclusions. i am really tired. ask me again tomorrow.

tomorrow there are no classes. loser sleeps.

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So u wanted to know how I got my floating monkey on my web page haha.. well its hard to explain.. its just an add on that I could choose from. So ya haha thats bout it, and hey u didn't sign my guestbook, haha thats ok nobody really does.

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