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(no subject)
i went to class. i went to the mall and bought new shoes becuase i've been wearing the same old pair for about 5 years now. then i came home and napped through a class. now that i've broken my streak, i guess i'm not too concerned about going to class anymore... but i should be. tomorrow i'll go. i'll go from now on... i just needed a little break... one class is no big deal anyway...

then i met with a group that i have to do a presentation with tomorrow. we were sitting there discussing the project and i make a suggestion. one of the girls in the group (danielle) says 'that's a good idea!' all of a sudden i want to touch her. she's hot. she wasn't hot until she said that. but once she says that, i decide she's hot. i am so stupid. sometimes i hate the way i think.

i'm still tired. so i'm going to bed. the end.