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(no subject)
i woke up and went to class. we did a presentation. then i went to work. some guy's foodstamp thing wasn't working how he wanted it to work so when terrie walked by i told her 'hey this is messed up...' i'll spare all the details, but she fixed it by running the order through like 3 separate times. then she left and a few seconds later, she called me over the intercom. she jokes, 'hey, did you like the way i stepped in and handled that guy?' i laughed and said yeah. she said that guy's in here all the time, complaining about how things work against him and stuff. then she asked 'did you understand what i did?' i said yeah, becuase i did. she said good, and then said bye and i said bye and was happy. that made my day. not really becuase it was terrie, either. since christine left, nobody asks that. they don't care if i understand. as long as the problem got fixed and isn't a common thing, they don't care if i learned anything or not. christine always explained everything to me, and made sure i understood. today, terrie did it too. i smiled...

ann said hi to me at least 7 times. i think she tries too hard to be friendly. maybe that's what you have to do if you're a manager, but it just seems fake when you work so hard at saying hi everytime you see someone.

when terrie left for the day, she had to come by me to get her stuff, and she said 'bye little friend.' i made a funny face and she said see ya next time and left. little friend? huh? i was somewhat amused...

the sub guy was here again. when it was late, he came over to my register to sell something strange with a code. i watched him type it in and remembered it becuase it was something new and i like to learn new stuff... he came back later to do it again and forgot the code, so i told him. i think i impressed him. i told him i only remembered becuase i tried to remember. most people wouldn't remember that becuase most people wouldn't care to remember it.

they took me off register early to count my drawer so i bagged but there weren't many customers, so i went and found kiera and stocked the shelves with her and i very much enjoyed it. i love doing new things. i'd probably get bored after a little bit, but i only did it for like 15 minutes.

i talked to my mexican on the bus ride home. then i ate with molly, avoided homework until 3, did my homework, and now i'm going to bed.