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(no subject)
i went to class. we discussed homosexuality. i sat in frightened silence. it's not like i ever talk in class anyway, but i felt like maybe if i didn't talk today, they would know it was becuase i was one... but then if i talked and sounded open-minded, they would still think i was one... and if i talked all homophobic... well, that would be bad. i don't want to do that. so i sat in silence. the discussion was interesting. i had stuff to add, too... actually, lots of it was stuff christine had said. they would say something, and it would make me think of christine's words... like when i say i don't like the word 'gay,' she answers i don't like it either. or bisexual, or lesbian, or even straight. i don't like that we classify people like that. i thought that was a really valid point, and somebody from the class eventually brought it up, but it was almost a half hour after i thought of it. when everyone reacted to that like she had made a good point, i wished i had just said it. i wish i wasn't so scared to be me.

molly and i went grocery shopping. terrie was there, and on our way out (i was pushing the cart), she charged at me with another cart, ran into my cart, and then said 'oh, excuse me ma'am, i'm sorry.' molly and i laughed and molly said 'terrie's funny,' and i becuase i'm strange like that, i feel special becuase terrie was only funny becuase i was here. she wasn't charging at molly... i'm special.

i cooked and spilled junk all over the bottom of the oven, again, and it burnt, again, and now i have to clean the oven, again. so i'm going to go do that now.