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(no subject)
i got up and went to work. i went up to get my drawer and terrie called me from the front end and asked what i was doing. she said i wasn't supposed to be here yet... i had already clocked in, so she told me i could get carts until my shift actually started. after about 15 minutes, though, she came out and got me to come in and run a break for rex. she walked back inside in front of me and god she is hot. i like nice butts. this is not loser speaking. these are loser's hormones speaking. and loser's hormones really like nice butts. and terrie has a very nice butt.

jane was calling everybody up, one at a time, to go over some new policies. i was the last one to go, since i was going to be there the latest, so terrie came up with me. anthony had the day off but came up to talk to rhonda. jane made him stay and listen with me and terrie. terrie is funny. she was making jokes out of everything, and i was laughing and jane was smiling, but i was the one who made jane squirt pop through her nose, and all i said was 'no thank you.' they were joking about how i could explain this whole thing to the customers , but they were just going to say the shortest version. they said they would write me a speech to give, if i wanted. then jane took a sip of pop and i replied diplomatically 'no thank you,' and she squirted pop through her nose. it's just the way you said it... i don't get it, but i guess that's the reason for everything. there's nothing funny about 'no thank you.' if my life were a movie and you let somebody else play my part and say exactly what i say, it wouldn't be funny. or that's the impression i get, anyway. i oughta start practicing sounding like somebody else...

there was still no christine. it's now been 3 weeks and 2 days since i've seen her last. i miss her...

this song makes me think of holly. i wish i got to see her again... maybe over christmas break. 'christmas' looks like 'christine'. i miss christine.