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(no subject)
i went to class. i got back a paper, and i got an a. i never get a's on papers. then i was leaving class, and some girl said she saw me at my grocery store yesterday, and she was going to say hi, but by the time she went to leave, i wasn't up there any more. i don't know why, but this, combined with the good grade on the paper, made me pretty happy.

i came home and me and molly went to the store to do a little shopping. we got ingredients for chex mix. terrie was there, running self-check when we went through. she said nothing to us, but i don't really care. terrie is not christine. (just call me captain obvious...) we made chex mix. i went to another class. i came back and we got the urge to make muddy buddies, since we had leftover chex. we went back to the store to get the ingredients for that. by now, terrie was gone, and it was another uneventful trip. we made them and i ate them and now i'm still stuffed from all that junk.

i made some cds for my trip home. tomorrow after classes, i'm going home for thanksgiving and i won't be back until saturday night. that's not a long time. the only thing that really bothers me about going home is that i'm afraid i'm going to miss a chance to see christine. i figure she'll be home for thanksgiving, but what if she's back friday or saturday, and stops in at the store? i won't be there and if i find out she was, i'll spend years kicking myself for not getting somebody to bring me back sooner.

i'm also trying to think of some ways to bring up homosexuality to my parents without being obvious. i don't want to come out yet, but i want to think of something to say to gauge what their reactions might be like. i'm bringing christine's phone number home with me. i have it memorized, but i'm afraid that something's going to go horribly wrong, my parents are going to hate me, i'm going to have nowhere to go and nobody to talk to, and i won't be able to remember her phone number. i won't call her, and i don't think it's very possible to 'accidentally' come out of the closet. even if they try to drag me out like christine did, if i don't want them to know, all i have to do is deny it. you can't prove sexuality. i'm being dumb. i'm probably tired. i'm going to bed now.