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(no subject)
i went to work. it was early. i was tired. i still am tired.

when i was on break, i decided to look for the book to get a few days off during finals week. nobody could find the book, though. i went up to the service desk and asked for it, and marie, terrie, and billie didn't know where it was. billie said to write a little note and she'd make sure it got to the book when the found the book. so i went to the register back there and pressed the button to advance the paper. when i had gotten enough, i stopped, but before i could tear it off, marie ripped it off from the other side, wadded it up, and threw it away. 'hey!' i protested. she just laughed. so then we just played. billie went off to search for the book, and i tried some more to advance the paper. i swatted her hands away, but she still got to it before me. i stopped and scratched my head and stared intently at the register, analzying the situation. she laughed and asked why i wasn't writing a note. i said 'you're making it a little hard for me, i think.' she laughed again. i tried using one hand to hold her hands back and getting paper with my other hand, but at least one of her hands could always escape from my grasp. she was giggling and a customer came up. he wanted something, but he wanted to balance his checkbook first, so marie kept swatting at my hands and laughing while i tried (rather unsucessfully) to act bothered by her. terrie thought... i don't know what terrie thought. that we were being immature? that marie was flirting? that i was flirting back? (was she? was i? i don't really know how you tell... i have about no experience in that area...) that it was about time for me to clock back in? whatever she was thinking, though, she said 'hey marie, help that man.' marie told her he wasn't ready yet, and we kept up our little battle. billie came back, and she had found the book. she handed it to me and i was dissapointed that i had to stop playing with marie. i went to take a pen from the container back there, and marie swatted my hand away. i tried again and she stopped me again and this was fun too, but i really did need to clock back in, so i just rolled my eyes and said 'fine, be that way,' and i went over to self-check and used anthony's pen. i clocked back in and came back over to the service desk. by now, terrie had gone somewhere else, and marie was back there by herself, finally helping the customer. terrie came up behind me and poked me in the side and i jumped about a mile and squealed. she asked if i was on the clock yet, and when i said yeah, she told me to cover for anthony for a second, so i did.

and whatever you want to call what marie was being there, she was being that a lot more today too. every time i went up there, she had something strange to say to me, and she was pretending to me mad at me for asking for stuff, and i was pretending to be bothered by her pretend anger, and then she would smile and confess 'i don't really mean it... you know i love you...'

today was quite a day for me talking to people. i talked to rex a lot, which was cool, becuase i hadn't seen him in a while. i talked to jeff about the picture he was drawing instead of cleaning, like they had told him to. me, irene, and anthony had a long conversation about driving in the winter. anthony, terrie, and i talked about how i got home for thanksgiving. what started this conversation was terrie noticing that i had been gone for a while, and asking if i had gone somewhere. i was happy that she had noticed. i was only gone 5 days... anthony also gave me a lecture on pickup trucks, while rex laughed at my lack of knowledge. and liz laughed when i told her that i thought this had been an early shift, but then she remembered how i had slept through class in high school a few times, and said i must need a lot of sleep...

molly picked me up and we met for a project with a group including my newfound hot girl, danielle. it was an uneventful meeting, except for that i had another idea, and danielle agreed with me and convinced the group for me, since i can't convince anybody of anything very well by myself.

i think that's all i have to say. mostly, i just want to sleep...