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slept just under 3 hours last night, by the time i was done attempting homework. caught the early bus to work, and sleptwalked through my day. probably made numerous customers angry (actually, i know i did), but i don't really remember why. marie was there and i think she was flirting with mark when he was on 3 but i've decided not to conclude anything from that since anything i think i observe on 3 hours of sleep is probably best just forgotten. jim and tommy were both there, being extra freindly to me becuase i looked like a fucking zombie. christine had the day off. jeff was running right behind me and i think he gathered all kinds of things to tease me about later, when i'm awake enough to react, becuase i fucked up a lot. in fact, jp was coordinator, and i called him so many times to bring me the key to fix all my mistakes that after about the 4th time in an hour, he just left it at my register and told me i ought to get more sleep.

then i came back and had to go play soccer with all those girls. we got crushed this week. we had fun anyway, except for that snob who still thinks she's the best, and she was all mad at everyone cuz we lost. she left right after the game, glared at everyone and walked away. we stayed n talked for a little. nice people i guess. straight. but nice. and now i'm going to bed. i mean it. i'm not going to attempt any homework, even though it's due tomorrow. i'm too tired to learn anything from it anyway. goodnight.


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