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(no subject)
i just finished the last of my homework for this quarter. oooo yay me i'm happy. i can't wait for school to end!

molly and i made our weekly trip to the grocery store. i took an extra long time getting back from class to make sure that marie would be on self-check by the time we got there. it worked, and when we went to go through, she kept messing with our station. i left our groceries with molly to handle, and i went up there to wrestle marie for control. while we're fighting for control, she mentions that she's off all next week. i make a sarcastically sad face and she rolls her eyes and messes up molly's station again. i push her hands back and fix it and then she goes to do it again and i grab her hands and we keep it up for a while. i don't like marie. i really don't. i just like girls and i like to touch them. (great loser, you sound really wholesome there...) ok, but it's not like i'm touching her ass or anything. and besides, it's not even really the touching her that feels good. it's just the whole thing, the touching and the laughing and the playing, and it doesn't feel good like horny. it feels good like... like i don't know. i don't think i'm doing a very good job of explaining this, so let's move on to the next topic.

next topic: terrie. she's hot. that's all.

and next: christine is the greatest person in the world and i saw her two days ago and she said she'd be back to check up on me! that makes me happy...

moving on... i have no idea what molly thinks about me or my legos or anything, but she's still being absolutely fine towards me. either she doesn't know, or she doesn't care. just between you and me, i have my suspicions about molly too... at least bi... that was christine, speaking in my mind. wouldn't it be nice if she was right, molly was bi, and she only acts somewhat homophobic sometimes so people won't suspect, and she wouldn't care at all that i'm gay? yeah, that'd be nice... we are starting to look for a place to stay next year. i wonder if i should tell her before she's already completely committed to living with me... i wonder if it would change her mind...

but besides that, i'm feeling good. marie, terrie, school, christine... it's all good.