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my god remind me not to move when i'm tired. i am so dumb. dumb dumb dumb dumb. i thought i should take out the trash, becuase it's been piling up, and i had nothing else to do while i waited for molly. then i remembered that i hadn't checked the mail yesterday or friday, and i'm the only one who ever checks the mail. so i head outside to the dumpster, with a trash bag in one hand and a pizza box and the mail key in the other. i throw the pizza box and the mail key into the dumpster and head over to the mailbox, carrying the trash bag. it takes about a second for me to remember that i can't open the mailbox with a trash bag. and then i wonder where i put the mail key. and then i wonder why i didn't throw this trash bag away. and then things start to click... FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! i go back over to the dumpster, and it's not all that full, but i can't see the key. i can't think of any way to dig in bottom of the dumpster besides to get in it. so i get in. it's dark and i can't see. i climb back out of the dumpster, go inside, get a flashlight, come back outside, and climb back into the dumpster. with the flashlight, it actually doesn't take long to find the key. not even 5 minutes. it could have been a lot worse, like if this had happened the day before trash day, when the dumpster's overflowing... but my god, who climbs in dumpsters????? up until now, i could honestly say that i'd never been in a dumpster. now, i sure hope that question never comes up in casual conversation, becuase it's not something i want to admit. hi i'm loser and i don't know the difference between a key and a trash bag. god i'm stupid. so i just got a nice shower. grrrrrrrrrr i am dumb. but i'm feeling slightly more awake. it was a refreshing shower, anyway... where is molly?????