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whew... glad that's out of my system. for the past few days, i've done absolutely nothing. for all my finals, i studied for 2 hours total. i had my books open on the floor, but instead of looking at them, i was bouncing off the walls of the kitchen and jumping on the couch and my bed. just the thought of studying made me want to explode with energy. i don't make sense to me. but no matter how hard i tried, i couldn't make myself study. molly suggested i go to big bear. i was desperate, so i went there with her, when she had to start work, and 2 hours later, i left on the bus. for those 2 hours, i actually studied. the only time i ever study or do homework in that break room is when it's urgent, so i've gotten used to actually working when i'm sitting there. so even though i've been unsucessful in all my other attempts to study, when i got in that break room, i could study no problem. i think i have psychological problems.

i've spent a lot of time playing grand theft auto III. it's a good game. go buy it. (this message brought to you by the makers of gta3 and ps2)

i worked today.

terrie owns way too many nice warm fuzzy shirts.

there's a new bagger named justin. towards the end of the night, we had extra workers, so jane sent alyssa home, and she sent me and justin out to get carts. we went to the far half first, where there were no cars parked, and we were pushing carts at each other and into each other and riding them down the little hill and laughing and just having a good time in general. when alyssa came out to go home, we both charged at her with our little lines of carts. she rolled her eyes and said 'you guys are having way too much fun with this job,' like she's all above us or something. i guess she probably didn't mean it in a mean way. me and justin decided she was just jealous because she never has this much fun at work. alyssa drives me crazy becuase i don't like her. it's more than that. i actually dislike her, and i honestly can't say that about very many people at all. she's fine though. she's nice. the only thing wrong with her is that she's a giptonite and it makes me mad at myself to think that that's the only reason i dislike her, so i try harder to like her. it's hard to control your mind like that...

i think i'm beginning to miss christine again, just a little. this means i can last... 9 days on the happy little high i get from seeing her once. don't worry though; the withdrawl symptoms aren't too severe yet. terrie's fuzzy sweaters are helping a lot. terrie called me kid today. that is ok. i don't really know what i mean by that. i think i mean it's bedtime, probably.

(hey, i think that was 3 times...)

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Three and it's yours :)

In this year two-thousand-and-one Anno Domini I do hereby confer upon you the official right of useage of the word 'Giptonite'.

This power is to be used carefully, and wielded only when necessary. Learn to use it for Good and not Evil: though Satan himself tempt you into depravity of its use, be you clom!

May the Force be with you, and may the Power of the Small Face be strong in you and keep you safe.

You can make an acceptance speech now ;)

The Small Faced Boy

i am extremely grateful for the honor that has been bestowed upon me. i would like to thank my family, my friends, my cat, and of course, alyssa, without whom i would never have recieved the right to use this word. i solemnly vow to use this word only when necessary, and always with the power of the small face in mind. thank you all.

(now i bow politely, and leave the stage)

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