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reading minds
i go to work to get a paycheck. terrie's behind the counter. she comes over to the pile of paychecks, stops, and stares at me intently, so i tell her my last name. she looks surprised, and asks if i was reading her mind.

molly and i go to play games and we're waiting in line. first i'm talking to her, and then i look at this girl in front of us and she looks like christine. i'm watching her, trying to see where the resemblance comes from. it's not her hair. and she doesn't really dress the same. i could picture christine in that shirt, but definitely not the shoes. maybe it's her body build, or the smooth skin on her face. my thoughts are interrupted when molly comments, 'looks like somebody's off in loser-land...' i snap out of it and look at her. i make something up and say 'i was just thinking about big bear.' she responds by asking 'do you miss christine?' at the same time, i say 'i like jim. he's a nice guy.' she's still waiting for an answer to the christine question, so i act like she didn't just read my mind, and say 'sure, but she's not a nice guy.' she just laughs, and that's all we say about it. i wonder if she knew what i was thinking. i wonder if she knows anything. i wish i could read minds...