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(no subject)
more evidence that rashid and i share the same head:
i tell him what time i get off at tonight, and he tells me which bus i'll be riding. we proceed to have an entire discussion on busses, and he is the only other person i've met who has the entire timetable memorized.

terrie was coordinator, and ayrik was supposed to show up at 4. like always, he comes in wearing street clothes at about 5 after. he clocks in and then heads upstairs to change. terrie sees him and says harshly, 'you did not just clock in.' he shrugs and says he did. she lectures, 'next time, when you clock in, you be ready to work. you should already have your shirt and name tag on if you're clocking in. get here on time.' i am surprised that he hasn't been fired by now. (so is jane... she said so a few days ago.)

terrie had me get carts. i went out to get them, and she said, 'it's cold. get a coat.' i felt like she was my mom.

i go on break, jim is back there, and i discover that loser is DEAD WRONG. direct quote:
out of the rest of them, terrie is the youngest, and she's 10 years older than me.
jim says jane is younger than terrie. i had thought jane was probably 35 or 40. jim tells me jane is not even 30 yet, only 26 or 27. and sam (who i had guessed to be about 25 or 30) is only 19! that's younger than me!! and teena (who i had also put around 35 or 40) is also in her 20s. i was right that michelle is older. but i had thought that (excluding marie) now that christine was gone, terrie was the youngest person back there by far. teena and jane are both younger. that means they're not that far from my age, but they feel like they could be my parents... god, i am so 7...

terrie is hot TERRIE IS HOT TERRIE IS HOT! i can't stand it... i want to touch her sooooooo bad...

justin gets off a half hour before me, but he has to wait for a ride. jane sends me out to get carts, and justin comes out and helps me, even though he's not on the clock. we race the carts down the side where they can't see us, and we have fun.

rashid and i catch the same bus tonight. we walk to the bus stop together, and he asks if i believe him about terrie yet. i ask him if he's ever watched her walk. he says yeah. i say she kind of walks like one. he says he hadn't noticed, but she is a lesbian, for sure. and he says christine was. we're at the bus stop by now, and we sit down on the bench with some other guy who's already there, and continue our conversation. i tell him i know that, becuase christine told me. so we dicuss christine. this is the one place we can't agree. he thinks christine is insane, and he doesn't really like her. he says she took money. i told him she regrets it, and i give him her reason for it, and he shrugs and says ok, so maybe she just did a dumb thing, but then he describes how she got in a fight with marie over the summer. like, a physical fight, and the policelady had to break it up. i recall everything christine has said about marie, and everything i know about marie, and i can't help but think that there was a good reason. i tell him, 'i know christine has a bit of a temper, but i don't think she's insane... do you know why they were fighting?' he says he doesn't, but he still thinks marie was in the right. i tell him he can't know that if he doesn't know why they were fighting, and i have a pretty good idea of why they were fighting, and i wouldn't really blame christine for being upset. he asks why and i tell him i can't say. he says ok. then he says something about christine liking only girls. i say she likes guys too. he asks how i know and i say she told me. he says she didn't, or something like that, and i tell him she does, but she likes black guys. and black girls, for that matter. he laughs and asks if she told me that too. i grin and tell him, 'uhhh... not in those exact words... i'm just translating for you...' the guy at the bus stop is laughing at us. then we go back to the topic of terrie, and rashid says she's scary, but he likes when she's in charge becuase she lets him do stuff besides register, like carts and trash. (now i know we share the same brain, becuase we have to be the only people in the store who would rather get trash than run register.) i tell him that she's been working there for 13 years (something i found out today, by eavesdropping). he says that's insane. the guy says 'that's a really long time to work at a grocery store... is she married?' me and rashid crack up. rashid says 'actually, she likes girls.' i add, 'maybe.' rashid says i should ask her. i say no. the guy says he'll ask her. we both say that's a good idea. we probably discuss terrie for about 10 more mintues, and then the guy breaks in, and asks, 'hey, is she like 5'4, brown hair?' rashid and i think this over. it's brownish, sorta, but i thought maybe she was taller than that... i don't know... the guy says 'becuase i was in there today around 4, and i think i might have actually seen this girl, because she seemed to be in charge... she was yelling at some kid for not having his shirt on.' i exclaim, 'ayrik!' rashid laughs and asks, 'it was her?' i say yeah. we tell the guy he should definitely go ask terrie if she likes girls...
i also tell rashid that teena is only in her 20s, and he is as shocked as i was. he had thought she was late 30s, or even 40.
i wish rashid were a girl.

i wish i had a girl.

it is insanely cold in this place...