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(no subject)
i took out the trash. this may not sound like much, but today it was an event, becuase me and alana got in a big argument about it. we live on the 4th floor. we almost never take out our trash. we had 8 empty half gallon jugs, 5 little plastic trash bags, a few big trash bags, and some empty boxes. it would have taken at least 4 trips down 4 flights of stairs, to the dumpster, and back up the 4 flights of stairs. i'm not lazy, and i'm willing to work if i have to... but there has to be an easier way... especially when i can practically throw this stuff out the window and land it in the dumpster. so then i get an idea... i took all the trash out to the balcony, and was dropping it to the ground. the balcony pretty much overlooks the dumpster, so this is saving me quite a bit of time and effort. i can't quite throw it so it lands in the dumpster, but now i can make one trip down the stairs, and quickly move the pile of trash from the ground to the dumpster, and make one trip back up the stairs. it seemed like a good idea to me. it still does. but alana got home and one of the falling milk jugs scared her. i think that was her whole problem with the situation; i scared her and she was mad. she starts screaming at me like 'loser, what the hell do you think you're doing?!?!?!?!?!' i explain that i'm making this easier, and i'm going to go down there and put it all in the dumpster. she starts saying how i could kill somebody and all this... i honestly don't think an empty milk jug could kill somebody from 4 stories up, even if they were half dead already and it landed right on their head. she screams for a while and i stop arguing after my first attempt to explain. molly quickly takes over my position. molly is on my side, but that's rather meaningless. molly dislikes alana so much that she would be on my side even if she disagreed with me. i finish throwing the trash off the balcony while molly offers to help alana figure out the exact velocity that an empty milk jug would have reached upon impact with the ground. they seriously begin to do this, by approximating the weight of the milk jug, taking gravity, multiplying the heigth of our place by 4, etc. i have to leave in the middle of this, though, becuase i don't want to leave the trash in a pile down there all night. by the time i get back up from moving the pile to the dumpster, alana has locked herself in her room and molly is rolling her eyes and complaining about how she can't stand alana.

that was the end of the night's excitement. after that, i just cleaned and played mario kart with molly and aaron. i'm going to bed now. that early shift just killed me...